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  1. Yes, your last comment is completely irrelevant. Try rereading (slowly) what I wrote.
  2. Right. A Class catamaran without or with lifting foils can't tack, lousy to windward? Or how about a C Class with foils? They're dogs beating too? Or the 40 odd year old D Class designs, held world's speed record for a number of years. Can't go to windward either? Just trashed all competition of the day and first to average over 30 knots over measured distance. 18 square metres were hopeless performers too? Mayfly had una rig, held class speed record for many years, sailed to windward fine. Even ancient Finns, (with rotating masts, no less) dogs to windward too? Not to mention the one way t
  3. World's fastest boats don't have headsails. just useless drag in high apparent wind speeds.
  4. Building in thin strip plank cedar (mostly) a 3.6m 2 piece rowing skiff to carry each side of the cabin on Groucho. The central bulkheads are two thicknesses of thin ply reinforced with carbon with four bolts to lock bulkheads together .... and when skiff is completed, will saw them apart.
  5. Apologies for quoting - but the above long winded to beyond insane repetition has the mark of heavy handed fascism? "I haf vays of making you like my genius?" Sound of machine gun.
  6. You mean you read/enjoy the reams of repetition and self promotion emanating from this beyond strange person? Interesting.
  7. DoUgLas, instead of posting untold hectares of horse defecation just build your slightly larger-than-toy version capable of carrying your large posterior. Hasn't this been suggested multiple times before? But you ignore. Why is that? Fear? Preference to exist in fantasy la la land?
  8. Delusion is a powerful mentally bonkers motivation; one should feel sympathetic ...... but I don't.
  9. DOuG just fractionally delusional LorD?
  10. Even the Ockers dislike her vile accent? Imagine what Kiwis think. Shudder.
  11. Trower's Warbird, Young's Rocket 40 and Rocket 29.
  12. Frog has a D section mast with two sail tracks for the double luff main, actually two complete mains to make the full wing cross section. Not much use for you. However Frog's leading mast section is the same as my conventional single luff masts, see the two cross section plans. Third image is of a trimaran beam and this is built very much in the same manner as the masts ... but this beam has two central I beams to make a box; (for greater rigidity, but also more weight) my masts have only a single I beam. The frames are placed at 1 metre spacings and are cut out for halyards to run. Groucho's
  13. Finished the revamped 15.5 metre wing mast for Groucho. Could only obtain 4mm ply for the skin so took belt sander and reduced thickness by a mm or so ... to reduce weight by a ridiculous and minimal amount - but now know I can do no more so need to relax. Can still pick the mast up myself including all rigging - but it is an effort. Just helped Eric Eason drop and then later rehoist his tall 11 metre alloy mast for his breathed on Crowther 24 - and figure the two masts are close to same weight so as said, calm down.
  14. Frog has a double skin wing with D shaped forward section and I've found mast rotation is close to, maybe a few degrees less, than that of a conventional wing mast. And the leeches of the double sail have to be able to move, otherwise you get weird distortions in the fabric, well, the fabric I've got, maybe some hyper exotic stuff will distort less.
  15. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/auction-1905182078.htm?rsqid=ef8e8de53
  16. Power of 2 is moored in Mahurangi. Or up that way opposite Kawau Island.
  17. Some more information from Light Brigade: An early 32 foot trimaran Atria was designed by Jim Young for Dooley Wilson and launched in 1964. This yacht had classical sheer in the main hull and because of this low freeboard amidships, placed the beams too close to the water surface, an early multihull design mistake, for the beams slowed the boat when driving through waves – a common problem with trimarans at that time. Wilson raced Atria in Tauranga for some years and then sailed it to Wellington where it was sold. Then in the mid 1970’s Young designed Wilson a 40 foot open wing deck trim
  18. Yes - and here is Blaydon Racer for sale, 69 grand NZ
  19. Inspired by Jim Young's 12 metre Bladon Racer, drawn in mid 1970s.
  20. Ideas for a cruising version of Frog, 10 metres square.
  21. Going through old shots; here's a couple of very early 1980s ones of Groucho, had a bi plane rig mounted halfway out on the single main beam, plus angled in, narrow floats plus foils. Went okay but I had trouble sheeting down hard the two mains, nothing to attach the sheets to, hence the complicated boom.sheeting setup. Later went back to conventional single mast.
  22. These two drawings are all l  have.




    yong780 2copy.jpg

  23. Only beginning to attach the new floats in uni-glass here, the port side is all carbon and when finished will be all fared in pretty much the same as the old float/beam setup, see photograph. Btw Groucho is 40 now. Foil is fixed at 3 degrees AoA. That is a Tennant 54 Power of 2 that Groucho is passing in photograph.
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