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  1. I'd go with the Selden pole, the end fittings are so much nicer to use. Probably not far off for size, I think there is a guide somewhere on the Selden website for this though.
  2. Easy mod to do, although not done it myself. If I remember rightly the plate that slides to leeward to release the cleat does so by pushing on the pins on the cleat that the springs hook round to close it. By taking the cleat off you should see this mechanism and with bit of work with a dremel, or even some disassembly you will be able to deactivate it.
  3. I've already done a full restoration on one, albeit an Ovington build. Most of the issues are there on both, just take a little longer to show through on an Ovington because they are better built. The main issue being that the whole deck is foam cored, apart from the areas where there are fittings. In these areas the core is all end grain balsa, normally sopping wet. We dug all of this out and replaced most of it with solid laminate. I disagree strongly on the sprit, the boat is far quicker with a sprit, as long as you go big enough and over 100m on the kites. I don't understand your poi
  4. I'd certainly be looking at Sunfast 3600s, 3200s, 3300s, and also JPK options. Mostly European boats but by far the top performing double handed boats in this category at the moment, and should be within budget if you look carefully.
  5. Just throw the tail over the side before you go to drop, the water will do the untangling work for you 90% of the time. A fairly well known trick for spinnaker halyards on sports boats, and bigger stuff too.
  6. GBR803

    J 121

    Yes, having raced against it that weekend I have to say it seems very slow for its rating. Not good at all in fact! Perhaps it's not ideal for inshore windward leeward racing, but you'd expect it to be able to beat a 111 around a course...
  7. GBR803


    Apparently it's a common fault on the UK boats because the masts are inverting downwind and causing the spreaders to fail at the inboard end. Is that the fault you are referring to?
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