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    Around the world, deep sea sailing, for setting world record around world sailing record. I am very strong and brave sailor so I will sail my boat around world for world record book for showing world I can do it. Please to donate money and things to make me sailing around world in small boat for to setting sailing record.

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  1. Here is a Republican democrats should fear ; This is when she was a Democrat.
  2. Bidrns praises his mentor, a kkk grand cyclops, whatever that is. Nothing like that in trumps past.
  3. TLDW. I thought this was supposed to be about insane ramblings? Back on topic!
  4. There are plenty of examples of joe stumbling over his words. But I don't need to use his speech impediment against him. He provides enough legitimate fodder to convince people he is not worth their vote.
  5. Trudeau is a weak leader. But where is the insane rambling you want us to see?
  6. We can go there too; we'll joe likes em younger;
  7. I see your phony meme and I raise you one real senior moment!
  8. 47 year veteran politician in federal government forget the most infamous document in world history, the declaration of independence. Watch;
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