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  1. no standing? Ha ha ha That's awesome! I guess if you sell the whole mess to someone else you can't sue like you still own it even if you sorta lease it back? ha ha ha... Thank you to the Class Assoc, Well done! Despite all the crap on the web you did the right thing w/class no pun intended. Thanks IPL for giving all the informed info be interested in your take on this too I think I've seen enough videos to last at least until GS sues...
  2. ​Maybe sock puppets are the answer. If Wes, Tillerman, Gouv could post their answers to Gannt and their videos under a sock puppet and their real comments under their regular id then those that don't want to read all that "stuff" could put the sock puppets on ignore and still see stuff that's related to the topic?
  3. Gouv from my post above and this is Kirby speaking "They have allowed LPE to go ahead and produce boats even though they don’t have a proper contract at this time," ​bold is mine
  4. This article is interesting from 16 Sep 2011 www.sail-world.com/81938‘ Now it would appear that Laser Performance Europe doesn’t want to recognize the fact that this transfer has taken place. It is really weird because they paid the royalties to Global Sailing for two years as they were supposed to do, and then all of a sudden they stopped doing that. That action has caused issues between LPE and Global Sailing and they will have to sort it out.’ What was his response to the ILCA statement ‘Lawyers also informed us that the Kirby design patent has in fact expired.’ Kirby responded.
  5. Why did LP Europe get terminated by GS for supposed non payment of royalties but LP US kept paying royalties?
  6. "Not everything that is said needs to analysed in a legal sense." Wow! that's a keeper
  7. Clearly his meds are still missing
  8. Wait, if Wes is Tillerman and Tillerman is Wes ... who is Spartacus?
  9. ​As a dues paying class member I am quite happy with the class staying out of what is a legal matter between Kirby/PSA and Laser Performance. As to the legal system being broke, it might be but this case isn't evidence of it. There is no need to rush this through and I don't see either of the parties complaining that it is taking too long
  10. you cantt believe everything you hear!
  11. The ILCA is wrong when they say "is not a Laser", They have no authority to say that. Doesn't matter how many times they say it. What they can say is "is not a class legal Laser" and that is their job, to set the rules for class legal Lasers but they have no authority over the trade mark owner calling any boat a Laser.
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