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  1. I've seen the vid but a quick google search only came up with this quote of it: https://www.royalgazette.com/event/sport/article/20170605/spithill-makes-the-most-of-mind-games/ (it misquotes him slightly tho he referred to Slingsby as a tactician, whereas this article quotes him as saying technition.)
  2. The thing about Jimmy isn't that just he's a competitive sportsman. Lots of hyper competitive people are sore-ish losers but few are terrible winners, and that's what Jimmy is. His derogatory comments about TNZ after beating them in the RR stages in Bermuda shows the sort of winner he is. A gloating peacock. It was a comeuppance for OR to lose key races through unforced errors after he'd banged on so much about how he, Slingsby and Langford were a better combo of tactics and on-boat communication than TNZ. With age and a few (well needed) doses of humble pie he's probably just turned into
  3. I didn't see any Airbus branding on it. Prototype perhaps?
  4. Classic Jimmy right after the start of race 8. "Aero mode boys"... and the crew all duck down, except the trimmer who crouches for a second, looks around then stands back up. (at 1hr 14 min 56 seconds if the vid doesn't open at the right spot)
  5. What is this thing on TR which showed up half way through race 8? Is it some sort of stopper which they removed to allow more camber or similar when they were struggling to get foiling again?
  6. Can anyone please offer any info on the wind conditions for each race and how they differed - either the prestart measurement or notable changes during each race? I have been quite surprised how poor the info packages are here compared to Bermuda where the wind speed was often overlayed on the graphics and changes in TWD were often at the top of the screen. Here they seem more obsesses with the on-boat footage graphics which have tons of numbers and look fancy but which are practically pointless to most viewers Any thoughts on the wind changes which may offer some insight into t
  7. This is a monumentally laughable claim. Most news media are owned by large organisations which are famously ruthless business operators - Newscorp, Murdoch, NZME, Nine Entertainment etc. They routinely show significant pro-business bias in their editorial leanings, prop up the real estate industries with endless coverage etc. It really is a thing of the modern era for people who've lost a recent election to spend the next 3-9 years bitching that the media are biased the opposite way to whatever their political beliefs are. In reality right wing voices are loud in most of the key media, ev
  8. I call revisionist bullshit on this claim about the cyclors. ETNZ folk I know talked about them (to me directly) back in San Fran as a potential way to significantly up the power output on the boat for future iterations of winged boats if they kept going down that path. Even then it was mentioned in the context of how can you have as many proper sailors on the boat by having more efficient grinders (who do nothing else).
  9. Basically most of what you said about the vaccine is bullshit. The vaccine will effectively stop transmission by siloing the remaining cases or at-risk people away from each other enough to curb it. It can also eliminate the virus too if it's effective. And when there is enough vaccine uptake there doesn't need to any significant preparation for new infections any more than there is for the seasonal flu in terms of healthcare measures. As for wider measures like ongoing border caution of varying types - well that is well underway and will be fine-tuned ongoing. How you could get so m
  10. The reason the UK didn't stop or substantially manage covid cases is not because of any airport etc. It's because the UK has an inept government which was a headless chicken. Worse, once it settled on a response the trust in their decision was low, as was general compliance. Mobility data shows that even under the strictest conditions in the UK people were moving about far more than even under NZ's relatively relaxed L3 restrictions. Lack of faith and trust in the government is the entire root cause of the failed UK (and US) response to covid 19. Not how many people went through an airpor
  11. Sweet Jesus. I didn't realise there were still people out there dumb enough to run with the thinking that after vaccinations countries like NZ/Aus which have had comparatively far lower rates of infection will be worse off still. There's literally ample evidence showing that the places which have seen the virus run rampant are no better off than elsewhere - the US, Sweden, Netherlands (edit: not Denmark as I originally put) in particular all show this. Once vaccinated the playing field will be almost level so it would come down to which countries had treated people's health and lives with any
  12. The issue with limiting the nationality of designers is teams would just find a way to hide it - and it wouldn't be all that hard probably. Just work remotely with someone and never name them in any team docs. That could encourage the creation of underground boat designer gangs ha ha.
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