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  1. Seakeeper: I stepped on a 36' Center Console at MIBS and didn't move, it was more stable than the floating dock by a lot. Walked side to side, tried to figure the right speed to walk across the deck and induce some roll...nada. The company President was watching, she says, "Seakeeper" my next motor boat will have one.
  2. Don't know about the pump action system, sounds cool. On a VXOne there's a line that runs from transom through the sock and out of the deck behind the headstay. Retrieval is easy on either board, just blow the sheet, blow the halyard and pull the retrieval line. Why not try that? on 28' boat you are going to pull 30-40' of retrieval line. The VX also leads the takedown line from the port side of kite, through a grommet then up to starboard side of kite dead eye. A stopper in the line at 3' from the dead-eye is all it needs to create a little space in sausage.
  3. I have a powder coating line and would not do it on a salt water boat genoa track, too much abrasion and constant scratches will lead to coating failure, maybe 2 years, sooner if not prepped well. A great shop that can prep the track would have to blast a profile in the surface as you have an anodized surface that likely would cause adhesion issues. I have powder coated parts on my boats, usually stuff like speaker frames, mountings, non moving things. On a fresh water boat, you might get away with it for a few more seasons. The powder coated tubes on my powerboat are 10 year
  4. I recall that B&G has a "use GPS for speed" setting that would not be ideal, but will get your log back to reality until you source your error. Did you check the obvious that the log is reading in NM and not KM? I know you can select statute or nm on my systems, never checked for kilometer but it's possible.
  5. On my truck the ceramic coating the dealer applied was remarkable for it's durability and ease of cleaning. I did not pay a penny for it so I was more or less a test case for the new tech they had in the detail shop. I will pay for it next time as it's WAY better than any wax I've put on from a can or bottle. Collinite paste is great, but doesn't have the durability or easy cleaning of the ceramic coat. I have been using the Griots spray ceramic after washing for my little boat and it's way easier to clean than without a coating. The surface has to be shiny and essentially perfect
  6. 89, my first mac, drifting around with a bunch of drunks until Sunday night still looking at Chicago the owner, or someone pretending to be the owner, put a fork in it and we motored back across the lake creating a bigger hang-over. Didn't think that was awesome at all. Light air is a PITA but it brings lots of opportunities, sail fast and enjoy flat water lake sailing.
  7. Make sure you are actually seeing this effect on different days. It's really common with the cold water and warm air over the lakes right now to have a lot of twist in the wind, add a little current and you will have what you describe, without anything being asymmetric. You can have days where the wind is twisted 30 degrees in the height of the rig, it's usually lightish air and the water is cold so the air is stuck to the water. Most lake sailors have had the experience of a main that is flying every leach telltale and yet the top is twisted off to a reach while the boom is on ce
  8. Gybing into a windward takedown (Mexican) is super simple on a smaller sprit boat like the J88. Getting your hands on the port side of the kite is key, and you want to control the leach. one person is on jib doing a normal gybe and getting jib ready for turning mark jib trimmer might be kite trim, no problem, just trim kite hard right as boat goes into gybe-then let the bow/pit handle it once the kite starts to collapse into boat, pull hard on foot and leach as pole/tack are released this gets shrimp danger eliminated dump halyard at a super fast rate it's going to
  9. I have one, the keel and rudder are vibration free up to 12 knots, a little hum above 12 that I have not yet corrected. I would check the trailing edge for any imperfections AND check the keel fit in the trunk, it's really tight in my boat. It's a very fun little boat.
  10. That is a great looking main. What's the boat? Who made the sail? Columbia logo up there? Switched from back stay to running backs? Does that require a winch for the runners or are you able to wind up enough with cascade system?
  11. If it's Hypalon the glue is different from PVC and the prep is different. I have made many repairs and mods on Hypalon with success. Hypalon glue is available at WestMarine or NRS (they sell river rafts) or via Defender. You need to use a two part adhesive and follow the directions. It's a process not unlike doing epoxy or gelcoat, follow the directions and it's simple, cut a corner or compress time, it's a yard sale. The glue ages poorly so don't use it if it's nearing 1 year, the little cans are dated. The brown old glue can likely be removed well enough with toulene which is
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