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  1. ^ Checco must be having a great time chillin' in the Bay of Islands, winding down, a bit of moth sailing, enjoying the last of the summer.
  2. This is a silly argument you persist with, presumably in an attempt to downplay a Kiwi achievement. It's the same as claiming landing a man on the moon was not a USA achievement because the aerospace engineer and chief architect of the vehicle that got them there was German.
  3. The connection would be Ainslie, and that it was the group involved with Dalton's venue hawking. My speculation is entirely ungrounded , but Mills' group is a sports event promoter which isn't really Ratty's business. That's why I was imagining it might be a mutually beneficial scheme.
  4. It doesn't seem to make any sense if Ratty isn't paying for the event (and for ETNZ as well as INEOS!). You can see why he might feel it would be seen as buying the Cup. It's only a rumour and already that is the criticism. However the other possible element in the equation is Origin Sports Group. They are the sports investment and management group who Dalton got to oversee venue bidding. Origin stem from Team Origin, a UK syndicate put together with Ben Ainslie with plans to challenge for the AC after 2007, at the end of the IACC era. They might think that they could raise the money if t
  5. Only once has the same club been CoR for two consecutive cycles - YC d'Hyeres from France in 1977 and 1980.
  6. Pretty sure ETNZ have never been CoR.
  7. There's bad blood between the Brits and just about everyone else in Europe at the moment!
  8. Ugly on both sides IMO. I don't know about having a right but certainly ETNZ, as winner of the Cup, gets to make most of the rules for the next. If they feel the need to impose nationality rules to stop others buying NZ sailors then they can do so.
  9. No problem. My reply to WetHog was tongue in cheek.
  10. How dare you suggest some here are not experts! What sort of expert are you anyway? An expert in non-experts? An expert
  11. The Prada Cup (if not used for the next CSS) should be awarded in a competition where AC75s do a 100m runway, a 360° foiling twirl, and return the way they came. The wealthy spectator fleet can applaud and admire the boats style, curves, and the cut of their jib. A panel of distinguished judges (not from SAAC) will award the Cup. Winner takes all!
  12. That's a bold statement. Maybe the AC75 needs a few more outings before it's seen in that light.
  13. Is the cut so deep that ETNZ will do anything to exclude EB? I was there in 2003 so I remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  14. 45, any chance you could copy and paste some of the interesting bits?
  15. @strider470 This history of CORs might cheer you up. http://www.cupinfo.com/en/americas-cup-brief-history-challenger-of-record-01.php Apart from LR this year only one other COR, Gretel II, the first in 1970, made it to the match. No COR has ever won the AC! LR is better off out of it, and it doesn't bode well for INEOS.
  16. Questions: There's a lot of discussion about ETNZ and INEOS' desire to keep the AC75 for the next two Cups, making agreement to that a condition of entry, and whether they can make it stick. There seems to be consensus, at least amongst the current four teams, that stability of the class is a good thing. What was the mechanism or agreement that meant the IACCs lasted 15 years and 5 cycles, and before that the 12s lasted 29 years and 10 cycles? Was it simply that there was no desire by the defender or challenger to change the class? Could a defender, in agreement with the challenger,
  17. We agree, and that's why I wrote "The Cup says otherwise".
  18. The announcement reads: "A single Event Authority will be appointed to be responsible for the conduct of all racing and the management of commercial activities relating to AC37." I don't see where it says independent. It could just mean ACE (aka Dalton) overseas everything; CCS, the match, commercial activities, etc..
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