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  1. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/america-s-cup-2021/2021/03/america-s-cup-2021-next-challenge-more-likely-in-auckland-next-year-bruno-troubl.html apparently losing emirates as a sponsor?
  2. Anyone know what the late rule change is behind the herald paywall?
  3. Kiwis 1 now I guess, Amway apparently two as per a recent interview with TH and LR? Would be interesting to see pics of LR tho as they have been tow testing as well...
  4. ETNZ apparently went out today with no mast and tested a foil, so I assume they are Testing one foil and comparing to a current removing all other variables?
  5. Probably want to make sure they work as advertised before committing to using both of them? Once two are wet then allocations are finished?
  6. No pictures yet? Looks like she’s away again. is it similar to previous foils? I’m sure all the spies will have seen now
  7. He probably has 2 hours sleep and half a dozen coffees. He’s allowed to be shaky...
  8. Maybe it was a steel rudder ?
  9. Looks like she’s back out today- any new obvious changes?
  10. Agree with the skepticism- what fish is that even?
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