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  1. A train weel on a chain .do u know how much it fucking weighs? Im draging it and all my anchors to dumbass.
  2. The truth here it a joke. So is the advise .the delta is flowing at 8 to 9 this time of year and it's been illegal to live abord for six years in the delta outside state property.
  3. U just make it up as u go here on sa? No prison for fix it tickets? No court dates for the forth time.
  4. Boats here this size or larger don't anchor,they r at the docks. Go or die here. No rudder controls .cant find used hydraulic heads for the helms. No help here with finding any. So its tow or die ordin controls for the outboard tomarow.minnies for 50$. I would trade Parts for pics!.! Ill pay postage.
  5. Bhyde u have never met me and i never been on a hobby cat. Fuck off
  6. To b a good Anarchist i should conform to your .,what again....
  7. U can b my new guides.i can hardly wait for the serene life,helping others with all the extra money generated.traveling ,u know enjoying the good life ur directions will bring.
  8. Funny how sa quotes ij to b seen on a google ser. I said that to the paradise post,ij quotes them .all on my back. My words. My life. My loss .ur third hand me. .i was inspired! That over now. Not my first front page! Say what u like. It was.me and my story,that u found so interesting I couldn't stop u from stalking ,gaucking,gossiping.trashing,bashing,lying .i tryed . I threaten .i posted!! Now im one of u .a third hand loser. I bit the hook.
  9. Other large boats r sidetied. The masters concerned i will drag the moring ball.
  10. Wow the windage on fh is to grate for mud bottom.
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