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  1. If you're replacing the bearings just get torlon bearings from mcmaster, way cheaper than from harken.
  2. just hook it around the engine mounts when it gets above 10 knots...
  3. Pretty happy with my smiths...their warranty dept has been easy to work with(for me anyway)
  4. I'll try to be more helpful, when compared to mylar sails and dacron, they hold a much more consistent flying shape over the life of the sail. I race on a few boats where we have older 3DI mains and jibs and with the exception of one LM1 Genoa that has been flown uprange for the majority of it's life, they all still perform remarkably well for how old and used they are.
  5. just curious, does anyone have experience shipping a 30-40 footer from Aus/NZ to the west coast of the US? What did that end up costing?
  6. I heard they're bringing back a new generation of J-125 too..
  7. If one design is your priority(and it should be) your only options are: Melges 24: Decent local fleet, looks like it's going to get up and going here again in the next few weeks... Could have 15 boat regattas next year if the class gets organized and the Canadians come to play. J70: 9 boats on Orcas in the last few months, couple others kicking around. Should be fun once it really gets going. J80: Momentum in the fleet. Good weeknight racing. Probably a step below the melges in terms of competitiveness. J24: Huge fleet on the lake, very competitive with some TOP level s
  8. ASP

    wide boots

    Cham Neptune..
  9. https://webstore.northsails.com/us/en/search/?cgid=performance-foul Anyone got their hands on it? Seems compelling....Nigel Musto is running the show and it looks similar to a lot of the Mustang Gear which I find to be excellent in a lot of respects... Curious on sizing but I guess with free shipping and free returns I could just buy two..
  10. Anyone have any experience with it? Is it possible to get a hand on any of it in the US?
  11. I forgot about my Tasar question last year! Julian, at your leisure would you mind back-peddling and revisiting the design of the Tasar and its rig?
  12. However, they did the first 100 miles in what? 14 hours or something?
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