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  1. Could have torn the main?
  2. Historically speaking Maxi 72s tend to lose the rig at inopportune times
  3. At least Bad Pak is ahead of the Pac 52 that beat them back when they had their Pac 52!
  4. Ian Moore(Soapy) and Jared Henderson(Beach) are no slouches either..
  5. Vitesse and Pied Piper both sailing fabulous races
  6. Warrior One's performance is not surprising given the caliber of the people sailing the boat and the amount of preparation and time they have spent training and optimizing the boat. On the other hand, this is the first race for the Bad Pak guys in a new boat... Another funny aside, I believe Warrior One is the former Bad Pak Pac 52..
  7. Pretty interesting that it’s a two piece rig..
  8. Really??? Frac kites only on a 125??
  9. From the unofficial noticeboard on Yachtscoring.com... https://yachtscoring.com/notice_board_summary.cfm " 22/Jun/2021 @ 10:55PM MOB Today - Dear competitors, I am sorry to share the news that we lost a teammate today. Greg Mueller on the crew of With Grace fell overboard. His feet were tangled in some lines which exacerbated the situation. Despite the efforts of many, Greg didn't recover. Please spend some extra time with your crews tomorrow refreshing your MOB protocols. My condolences to the With Grace skipler and crew, and to Greg's family. Schelleen Rathkopf"
  10. No way, the other IMOCA skippers come from shorthanded backgrounds where they know better than to put a boat in an inescapable situation like that. It's likely we will never know who was driving at that time but still...responsibility falls on Charlie there.
  11. What a bullshit statement. How is this any different than boats of different kinds racing in the Fastnet, or Transpac, or S2H or Transat or...or...... Total cop out comment.
  12. https://www.regattanetwork.com/event/21877
  13. If you're replacing the bearings just get torlon bearings from mcmaster, way cheaper than from harken.
  14. just hook it around the engine mounts when it gets above 10 knots...
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