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  1. Who would have thought on an upwind year....
  2. Transquadra... Giraglia Rolex Cup(Genoa) Dhream Cup(Cherbourg) Round Ireland
  3. Yes but who bought it after Bill and Melinda sold it? Has it been active since then?
  4. What ever happened to Wolfpack?
  5. Great battle between the two bieker 40ers for the ORC win.
  6. Assuming you ended up going with a Beiker rudder then?
  7. In the PNW? J111 for sure. The competition in that rating band is excellent and many of the 111's are proving to be very well sailed: Lodos, Raku, Hooligan, Recon, 65RR
  8. Might not make the 11th guys too happy who went with a fairly moderate new design in order to cope with some upwind work...
  9. Photo is Black Jack (RP100) correct?
  10. I think the two obvious choices right now are the JPK 10.30 and Sunfast 3300. Cheaper options are the 10.10 or SF3200. I'm sure a J11s would feel rather comfortable to you two but they never seemed to have caught on in the same way that the 3300 or 10.30 did. 10.80s fall under that 1,051 bar as well. The other thing to consider Fastnet wise is what rating band you want to be a part of. Sailing a 3300, 10.80 or 10.30 will put you in IRC 3 while with the 10.10s or 3200s you would have the option of optimizing into IRC 4. Hope to touch base with you at RTC and hear more
  11. Ok, Synergy 1000's. Where did they end up? I believe they built about 9? Had a good run in a couple Pac Cups... Seem like well built, fast, under-appreciated boats..
  12. Would take some work to get the 111 to rate <1,051
  13. Adjustable tack, like any boat with a jib lock.
  14. "Covid Please note NOR 3.7, which states, “The owner/skipper and all crew must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in conformance with CDC guidelines.” If your entire crew are unable to meet this requirement, we request that you withdraw your registration—refunds are available through October 22." Seems pretty reasonable to me!
  15. https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/WorldSailingMisconductGuidanceJuly2021-[27414].pdf Rather than just speculate you could always attempt to inform yourself properly.
  16. I prefer the Zodiac Open Pro ribs over the VSR. They are much heavier and don't get blown around quite as much as the high nose VSRs. Open Pro 5.50 or 6.50 are both money! I also have good experience with the Highfield Ribs. They are built very well and feel heavy and planted.
  17. Reeving eye then a mouse line to pull it through.
  18. Totally agree, box rule with cost constraints like what already exists in the Class 40.
  19. MPH


    If I had been participating in this event and this was suggested, I would be more than happy to provide anything required in order to 1. Find the fuckers who did it, and 2. Ensure that my name isn't muddled in it.
  20. MPH


    Timeline would have been at Coed Nationals being held in Annapolis at Navy. https://scores.collegesailing.org/s21/gill-sailing-national/
  21. I believe Reinrag has also won the Transpac overall, maybe even twice.
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