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  1. Bullshit. The UVM Medical Center in Burlington is a 600 bed, level-one trauma center (that includes a Covid monoclonal antibody unit and their own fleet of critical-care transport helicopters) that actually brings IN patients from the entire state AND much of eastern upstate New York. As of today there are 13 patients total in the ICU units across all 18 hospitals in Vermont.
  2. Not quite true. Many Hinckley B40's have participated in the Newport-Bermuda race over the years (they have a well deserved exemption to the SI rules). Most recently, "Actaea" won the St. David's Lighthouse division in 2014. Ocean Navigator had a good article about stability index vs. capsize length, and uses the B40 as an example of how the formula doesn't really give a fair assessment of the seaworthiness of beamy, shoal draft sailboats: https://www.oceannavigator.com/stability/
  3. Here ya go, only $12k: http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1974/Harry-Becker-Lotus-Scandinavia-3032147/Lake-Champlain/NY/United-States#.WLX7JRIrLVo
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