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  1. Quick Thoughts after Day 1: Race 1: The Kiwi’s completely dominate Italy. Better start, faster boat, better maneuvers, better everything. Instant reaction is it is tough to believe that anything from this point is going to be competitive from Italy with regards to challenging the Kiwi’s. With Spithill’s experience I would have expected them to be better, but perhaps this is his”inflection point” let the team realize how much work they need to do. Now he can drive his “I am going to be hard on everyone including myself, and you all see you deserve it because we were … not good”
  2. Are there any leg times/course times?
  3. America's Cup boat comparisons from the Herreshoff Marine Museum
  4. America3 at the Herreshoff Marine Museum Rhode Island, July 2014
  5. DoGzilla in front of Oracle buildings - October 2014
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