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  1. I lived on our 50'er with spouse, 3 kids, and dog for a year while we remodeled the dirt place. Four cabins, four heads, and a greenhouse around the cockpit during the winter. And hydronic heat. It worked well considering it was <300sqft.
  2. I fly domestically a lot. Don't believe the hype, I've yet to see any significant disobedience. The closest I came was pre-departure when some dude in the back was dicknosing and refused the FA's request for him to pull his mask up. The FA told the head FA, who got on the horn to the pilot to give them a heads-up. Then she marched back and told the guy in no uncertain terms that either he pulled his mask up and kept it up or she'd eject him from the aircraft immediately. And if he pulled that shit in the air, she'd have him ejected in cuffs upon landing. Shut him right up and that was the end
  3. My wife calls them "dicknoses".
  4. It buys time. Assuming it's not already here, this step could provide an extra month or two before it (inevitably) gets established here. With mRNA vaccines (that can be re-designed quickly), that extra time could be the difference between a manageable wave and a catastrophe.
  5. FWIW, I got my wireless controller from MarineBeam. It was about $100. The nice thing about all these reversing solenoid setups for windlasses and thrusters is that they make it really easy to add various control switches. There are three terminals that control the solenoids: trigger, up, and down. An up switch momentarily connects the trigger and up terminals. A down switch momentarily connects the trigger and down terminals. If you dedicate a small bus bar to each terminal, you can wire as many different (normally open) momentary switches in parallel as you want and each will work. In m
  6. If you've got Hulu, check out What We Do in the Shadows.
  7. I hope the cable tension does the trick, but I'm skeptical. Still, it's good to get it out of the way: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” - Sherlock Holmes”
  8. FWIW, Mantus is based in the US (Texas) so availability isn't an issue. Their M1 gets good all-around performance scores in Steve's tests. If you prefer no roll bar, the M2 is very good too. I've owned both (previously an 85lb M1, now a 65lb M2) and have been very satisfied with Mantus, both their products and their customer service. They're currently running a 20% off Black Friday promotion on everything in their store through the 29th. Use coupon code "BFSM2021". The way things are these days, I feel compelled to mention that I have no financial affiliation with Mantus and haven't recei
  9. https://store.pyiinc.com/collections/r-d-marine-engine-mounts
  10. The windlass is one place I'd oversize if space and budget allows. I've never heard anyone complain about a too-powerful windlass. A wimpy windlass on the other hand...
  11. FWIW, I've got a Maxwell 1500 on my 50'er too but I power it from my house bank via a ~40' run of 2/0 up to the bow. Works fine.
  12. FWIW, I run 5/16" chain on my 40K 50'er without issue. The biggest problem with thin chain is the lack of rust margin. Make sure the locker has good drainage, line the walls and bottom with DriDeck or equivalent so it can breath, give it a freshwater rinse when possible, and inspect it annually and spray it down with Boeshield or similar and you'll be fine.
  13. The load on the prop is different when it's tied to the slip rather than moving along. My money's on the engine mounts. It can be very difficult to detect less-than-catastrophic failure modes. Rubber hardens. The metal-rubber joints can weaken, etc. As it vibrates, the rubber heats up and changes its physical characteristics, etc. If they're more than 15 years old I'd replace them prophylactically.
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