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  1. Update for @EYESAILOR from before this thread degenerated, with 131.2M vaccinated and eligibility open to all in my state, my wife and I just got our first jab with Pfizer. The 17yo gets his tomorrow.
  2. It's even better to have your own church!
  3. No, no, no. It was used but in damn near mint condition with box and everything else. I shot it a fair amount but was meticulous about caring for it. Finally I decided to sell it (along with a nice HK91) to finance some other hobbies.
  4. I had a P7 PSP with the heel release. Great gun but I felt it was too valuable to shoot. One scratch or some surface rust on that beautiful blue finish from a sloppy wipedown could easily have knocked $500 off its value. I have enough safe queens and prefer my shooters to be appliances (e.g. Glocks).
  5. To be fair, based on personal experience of N=3 plus a lot of online anecdotal evidence, 70K seems to be the design life for any Dodge/Chrysler minivan. If you get one with the towing package that includes a tranny cooler, you can eek out 100K.
  6. I'll be attending my first in-person trade show since the pandemic started in mid-June in Dallas. I'll be fully vaxed but I can't say I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Does it do this with all other charging sources disabled?
  8. Fair enough. I've got some bits that chatter in glass and others that don't so I suspect the quality and condition of the bit has a lot to do with it. In any case, slow and high pressure works best for me.
  9. A hand chamfering tool? Don't you have a drill available? You don't want a "light" chamfer, you want enough butyl in the chamfer to easily fill the threads and form a substantial gasket. With M6 screws, I'd want at least a 10mm diameter chamfer. If the underside of the track is wide enough to go to up to 11 or 12mm and still have a few mm of track on either side of the chamfer, that's what I'd do.
  10. Nice. I had a 72 Travelall but none of the later ones ever looked as good as this..
  11. Yeah, more like fair, bung, fair, caulk, prime, fair, reprime, paint.
  12. Just ordered a 65lb M2 to replace my 85lb M1. It should fit nicely under my sprit.
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