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  1. You survived and now you're wiser. Best case scenario.
  2. Don't forget to account for tide. In the PNW if you anchor at low tide and high tide will be 12' higher, you'll need another 36' of rode to sustain your 3:1 ratio.
  3. One word (sort of): Quick-N-Brite Looks like snake oil but this stuff takes wax off extremely well and is safe for painted surfaces and everything else I've tried it on. I've been using it for over 25 years, initially to get cosmoline off wood, and it's fantastic. https://www.amazon.com/Quick-Brite-00032-Purpose-Cleaning/dp/B001F893OA/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=Quick-N-Brite&qid=1627841294&sr=8-5
  4. I wouldn't plan on it. With the recent mass-infection events of Delta in vaccinated individuals, I'm guessing things will go backwards for a while.
  5. Ah, didn't get that. I thought you were using one of those oil suckers that uses a straw that goes down the dipstick tube.
  6. As I've said before, under normal circumstances that's the honorable position to take. Under triage conditions, medical professionals can and should take into account the patient's path to disease and their likelihood to do harm to the public good after recovery in deciding how to allocate scarce resources. We don't give lung transplants to smokers. We shouldn't be favoring anti-vax/anti-mask patients over those who've done everything they can to prevent disease.
  7. For absolute holding power tests, I would agree. But for resetting tests it's very helpful to see the data on the different bottoms.
  8. 1. You can wash steel cans without them instantly turning to rust. Just dry them when you're done. 2. The oil inside is probably fine 3. There is no need to transfer the oil or filter it, as long as the area where the oil touches the can on its way out is clean 4. If the engine doesn't have a fuel filter, it would be a good idea to put one inline and that'll prevent any issues with dirty fuel/oil 5. In your shoes, I'd just buy new oil because it probably is better. I'll bet you can sell those cans on eBay. There's always some nut who'll pay money for useless "vintage" stuff
  9. I didn't have much say in the matter. My wife and I were successfully holding the line against the kids but then she switched sides. At that point, I knew the war was lost and I staged a controlled retreat, barely managing to get a weight limit (<50lbs) in place. We're two weeks in and the existing dog and I just exchange knowing glances as everyone else squeals in delight at the (admittedly adorable) pup. It's possible we'll be at FH on the 9th too. If so, I'll ping you. I hope you can get up to the festival, it should be a good time.
  10. We're heading north starting next Friday the 6th but unfortunately only for a week due to a crazy family/work schedule, new puppy, etc. We'll be in PT on the evening of the 6th, Fisherman's Bay at Lopez on the 7th, and unstructured after that with the exception of being in PT again on the evening of the 12th. I tried to get a reservation at Rosario but no dice, so we'll make a run for a mooring ball on one of the intervening days. Any chance of you heading up to the Wooden Boat Festival in September? I'll be anchoring out all weekend.
  11. Sounds like a semantic game, but I'll play along for a bit. The weight of the chain contributes to holding the vessel in place and may even be the primary force when the current and winds are low. However, as soon as current and wind pipe up and the tension of the chain exceeds the downward gravitational force due to the chain's mass, I'd argue that the anchor is what's holding the boat.
  12. Asserting something doesn't make it true and your reasoning is absent. Please explain.
  13. This. If you don't have confidence at 3:1 scope, I'd argue your system isn't reliable enough. Re: anchor weight covering sins, my 50'/40,000lb boat came with an old 50lb Bruce, which worked okay but wasn't as reliable as I'd like. I replaced it with an 85lb Mantus M1 and never dragged once in a variety of bottoms over 8 years. Between the more modern design and the big increase in weight, it was so much more effective at setting and holding that I stopped even worrying about it. Anchoring became boringly routine: point into the wind, lower the hook with the windlass to keep the rode neat,
  14. Jules, you need to come to Seattle so we can hang out. I'd offer to go to Florida but...Well, you know.
  15. Less likely * 200,000,000 potential breakthroughs = ? Corona's stability relative to other viruses is some comfort but the problem is the large numbers involved. It's a random process. Even with low mutation rate, if you give it enough shots on goal the ball will eventually go in.
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