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  1. one of my highlights of my life was taking my cat sailing...for her, not sure she thought it was a highlight. Didn't take her too far, as it's a pretty wet boat, and she is ok on the sea, but didn't like the water too much. Lived to 18, passed away last year sadly. Thai cats are pretty hardy. Loving Singha, i presume he is a Korat? Supposed to be the smartest of the Thai cat breeds.
  2. Still so difficult to travel around from pattaya hopefully by Kings cup we are all vaccinated and back on the water. Always fun to bring a knife to a gun fight with my little Shaw..... No more Pornstar but my new 550 should be able to show up some multis downwind and reaching too plus some awesome stacks thanks to our poor sailing skills.
  3. Looks like Kim Kardashian - curves in the wrong places.
  4. Easier to cnc a core out of divinicell foam or similar with a high density foam stringer or vertically laminated cedar then glass over it.. If u want to stiffen just cut your foam core with a slot to strip out the middle and lay carbon unis then cnc again. Or cut a section out the middle and wrap then glue the thing back together. Or cnc a temporary mould and lay up skin then lay a stringer up the centre for each side made of something wrapped in carbon or glass and fill the rest with foam and level up to 2 half's then epoxy glue together, can rebate the leading edge or create an internal to
  5. not sure if it is available where you are, but we found the stuff they make jandals in a thick 2cm depth with a small pattern (or as Aussies call them, thongs or flip flops or whatever weird language and accent they use over there) glued down worked a treat; usually UV resistant and pretty hard wearing, also slippery to pull the boat up, yet a little sticky when dry so boat didn't slide around too much, didn't shed or peel off or discolour the boat. Available in some funky colours and virtually free over here (often the discards come in 6ft sheets, and would have a small void, bubble or color
  6. Triathlon. In Nice 70.3 half ironman I had former gold medallist and tour de france racer Alexander Vinokurov in my age group, friend had to race vuelta winner and former tdf Lauren Jalabert. There is a pro field but definition isn't so clear and many races with no pro field u show up against whoever shows up... So I've also raced 2x Kona Ironman olympian legend Chris Mccormack head to head and various other pros when no pro field starts. Same as BOI yachting. And yeah, got owned. Best days of my racing career. Maybe not now but back a few years ago nz club rugby had all blacks appeari
  7. I raced against the platu fleet here in Thailand for many years, and at least with a sym kite never saw any planing and lit up like a sports boat in any condition; while there should not be a reason why they couldn't based on size and power in the rig, but a lot of it is the design brief and wind range as they were created for our Thai conditions here sub 15 knots and mid level sailors during the early 90s IMS type era - the foil package vs. rig makes the boat a bit unstable downwind in a blow (from what I've seen) and the narrowly driven form which makes them sail pretty well upwind means a l
  8. There are a few very easily driven windsurfers which are like a canoe and have some of the same compromises. I'd suggest the idea of a removable seat which is padded and locked in using the oar structure to which the main sheet links; very small and simple sail with minimal tension and as light as possible opti sail maybe ok; for rudder probably some sort of long oar or similar removing the need for major structure out the stern for gudgeons etc if possible. Maybe it's another bolt in cross brace or something that is locked to the stern that can be completely removed again. If done
  9. For Australia Shaw 650 is a good fit; great boats and part of the Shaw vibe as well as the 6.5m size boat fleet which is a sweet spot for 3 or 4 ppl sailing. never really considered it much of a handful to sail, pretty simple really no need for a traveller or fluffing around too much, especially downwind.
  10. whatever they come up with, the wind ranges in NZ being so variable these beasts are going to be pretty exciting to watch when it blows.
  11. Would guess it's probably going to be made in Thailand, alongside the other RS boats, by renowned builder CMI who build Nacras and RS dinghies. It's a very interesting boat for sure, could be something that would make me consider dinghies again....lots to like about it!
  12. From what I can remember in another thread. Failed as a S/V, sitting in a yard still somewhere planned to have keel removed permanetly and converted to M/V I think Mr Pong has more than just 3 boats, he has a couple of 72 footers (Jelik being 1 and another of similar dimensions), at least 1 and possibly 2 TP52s (one of which at one point was called Mui Mui and another from memory was the Foxy Lady IV, possibly V) and some motorboats of various types). Mui Mui I think was supposed to be a TP52 except being from JK it didn't measure as one, or something to that effect. Not that it
  13. Interesting. My boat is a bit smaller in the rig, and a little lighter, so I might see how long it lasts with just 1 set. Always a pleasure to support other sportsboats; I know the U20 guys were pretty happy with their C-Tech rigs too - it's a great company to deal with.
  14. what is the windiest guys are using the single spreader c-Tech style rigs with masthead kites in? - single spreaders - forestay lower than the cap shrouds - top section of the mast not supported except by the leech of the main Curious as I am building a boat with a similar rig set up (Shaw 550) and having introduced you guys to C-Tech, I am now likely to use a similarly set up rig (as Rob designed from the beginning with single spreaders) - just want to know how funky the rig is going to look in bigger breeze - C-Tech claims (and I believe them) it's all no problem but curious to he
  15. Bit hard to compare a 5.5m with 3 crew built to a ply budget to the quickest 6.5m boat with 4 crew built to a composite budget. At a guess would be something like 7-10min slower per hour? Maybe more in certain conditions? 650 is doing 6.2-6.7 knots upwind, and other than arms racer one off boats would be the first to plane and the quickest once up and planing. The i550 is a lovely boat and a very cool concept, but I guess if you really wanted an answer could compare the Manic vs. the open 570 in Narrangsett or Monkey Business/Audi Penfold Racing vw. the i550 death to Snooki (or some n
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