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  1. Im sure GD has done his sums, but $100m of free public money is a shitload to turn down. I havent seen a coherent explanation if this is for a) team or b) event. Either way I think any other venue would be dumb to risk more than this. We're one mutation away from another lockdown. Surely the cost of a prolonged offshore campaign will be huge. Taking it away will lose most of NZ's public support among the non-sailing public, carefully garnered over decades. NZ has many athletes that compete around the world in all sorts of sports, and we only maintain a passing interest via the nightl
  2. I have always thought he had an arrogant streak. He acts like a prick on board whenever things don't go his way. Slapping his grinder in Bermuda17 wile having a spaz was the ultimate in cuntiness. SGP is feeding his ego, disrespecting NO and talking himself up is pathetic. I'm afraid the adage that good sailors make good people doesn't apply here. The hype and cheese I've seen so far is cringe worthy, I watch a lot of sports, and SGP have a lot of catching up to do to appear professional. Finally, stadium racing is pointless if the stadium is empty. 2 minute 3 manouvre legs are a joke. The pot
  3. Well what fucking bullshit is this. A live event with the results plastered all over the world media but no pictures, so half the audience doesn't bother watching tomorrow. Like a shart where you try and hold it all in but a big mess ensues, then upload it later to YouTube where some people just can't help but watch.
  4. Too many posts to argue with. Ineos and ETNZ media releases quite different. Ineos just happy to be in the game. I don't see how ETNZ will make money from a one off in England. No challenger has ever seriously funded a defender. No defender has ever willingly risked losing the cup on a one off. Agreeing to the class is always a condition of entry, unless you're willing to do a proper DOG match. Chill, there's years of intrigue to come
  5. This is the relevant clause No vessel which has been defeated in a match for this Cup can be again selected by any Club as its representative until after a contest for it by some other vessel has intervened, or until after the expiration of two years from the time of such defeat. And when a challenge from a Club fulfilling all the conditions required by this instrument has been received, no other challenge can be considered until the pending event has been decided. The last sentemce seems to prevent the proposed arrangement. Wait for the court case if they are foolish enough to attem
  6. I'm afraid to say, when the Aussies took the cup from a bunch of millionaires and their egos, we thought fuck it, we can do that too. It took a while for the right people to assemble, but now we're a bone with a DOG.
  7. I think signalling AC75s for 2 cycles, and only one boat, to get more teams. More teams is signalling to the venue more money. But its just that, signalling. We'll have to wait for an actual protocol. Fuck I can't keep up this processing after less than a week, can't I just enjoy my beer.
  8. Actually it's just come to me, GD is just playing with us, and getting the best sailing minds in the world right here brainstorming all the possibilities for him, for free, instead of 100 hours of boring meetings
  9. Who knows! He's managed to do it for years and has some long term backers. Still think it's a risk to do a one off challenge for cash
  10. They might. I think Dalton would be an idiot to risk it. If they lose the RYS can do what they want, even accept another COR and bye bye Auckland with 250m of infrastructure left rotting.
  11. I think it's a massive risk for both sides to have a DOG or a multi challenger match and trust the other side to just carry on all chummy for another unenforcible go-around in AC75's. The nationality rule sure as hell locks everyone's staff in.(good) Feel sorry for many professional sailors who will be out of work or excluded though (bad)
  12. Like F1 drivers just sit there and push buttons? FFS go and watch American Football
  13. Quote of the day on the Italian boat, for sensitive international ears "schei├čen"
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