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  1. Link to Video: https://www.mckinsey.com/Videos/video?vid=6233113724001&plyrid=HkOJqCPWdb&aid=C3B2B46E-3DF8-402F-9F87-B5448C57D4AB
  2. See how AI help Team NZ to keep the Cup. https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/mckinsey-digital/how-we-help-clients/flying-across-the-sea-propelled-by-ai?cid=other-eml-alt-mip-mck&hdpid=e2ae8d87-aca4-4c44-a8ba-3ddf591149d7&hctky=11524467&hlkid=8f69ec3256044f61bad7df9f9794ffae#
  3. I really hope they can turn around and get AC37 running quicker...similar to 2000 - 2003, effectively only a 2.5 year turnaround from the finish to the start of the challenger series. However given certain restrictions on travel etc, it might be that they do run with a DOG challenge next year with the certainty of IF ETNZ win they return to NZ in 2024.....fascinating times indeed!
  4. Hey guys, wind looking good for today, 14knts out of the east with gusts up to 17knts....I'm sure they'll choose course B today...should be epic.....oh, hang on!!
  5. wind direction has moved to the right as it has filled in - the committee needs to realign the course axis.
  6. Perhaps you should learn to read then....specifically the area that states 17 knts.
  7. Should sail out around Great Barrier Island instead based on this:
  8. Pass, I must have cleared the 24 hour time limit as I've now been given freedom to re-engage my emotions again
  9. Remind me to come back tomorrow and downvote your stupid comments (see below: didn't know we had a limit on how many reactions we could give, slightly controlling)...name another major sporting event currently being run better?
  10. Serves you right if you listen to that dribble on TVNZ! I listened in to a reply just to see if the commentary on TVNZ had improved....sadly the answer was a big fat NOPE!!
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