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  1. Well Thanks for the Mai Tai history lessons. Ive spent some time readind old threads, and there is alot of interesting waste of time stuff to read on here.... Never bumped into Nuddy before and stuck him in a virtual sense twice in a week!! Wish I could sail this weekend... Only a few more weeks and Ill bring her back from Dili. Cheers and have a good weekend. Brett
  2. Hi PIL007, Im the fellow with Mai Tai, and been enjoying her for a couple of years now. Done a couple of Darwin Dili races now, and plan on doing the Darwin Ambon, and Darwin Dili in 2104. Mai Tai is stilling in Dili Harbour at the moment and I will bring her back to Darwin in October ready for the wet season races. I am a hopeless helmsman, so not getting the best out of her, but love the catamaran sailing non the less :-) We did pretty well in the last Dili Rally, and sailed into a 4 hour hole on the last morning....... (everyone has an excuse!) http://www.sailtimorleste.org/ind
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