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  1. Has anyone caught if there is a start time for next race?
  2. I was almost rooting for Luna Rossa as they did so well right up till that 5th leg
  3. So... what is day one wind forecast tomorrow for the first to 4 series?
  4. I guess it is close as in NZ is not extending lead consistently, The boats are competitive. Should make for some exciting racing coming up
  5. If it does not go NZ's way..... I would hope that its UK that get it. So, I will be cheering for INEOS this weekend
  6. as a non sailor, i like to watch the americas cup.. ever since ages ago. Keen to get in on the action of the sailGP - Is this event usually broadcast live in NZ? - or maybe live on youtube? loved watching the AC45's in bermuda. I assume the sailGP will be similar to that?
  7. I believe I have enough information to choose AM
  8. Something I did notice with AM - I have not seen with the other boats.. During some of the zoomed in shots from the side of AM, I noticed the foil arm bouncing while it was in the water. Example:
  9. yea, carbon fibre flying off boats as they went around the course...........
  10. I was meaning once back in the shed afterwards.. I do remember Ben ensuring ETNZ got help via chase boats.. Scary morning that was!
  11. Newstalk ZB mentioned that other syndicates have been helping out to get AM boat back on track - no details on exactly what, Maybe some parts supply I kinda remember ETNZ did not get help when they had to put their AC50 back to gether after the pitchpole... Im glad they are being helped though!
  12. Good info from the press conference - lots of spare parts (electrical) rewire the whole thing Foil arm Cant system bugged - but can use the one out of defiant Hydraulic system is good Batteries saved Bunch of defiants parts can be used Boat building contracts to fix hull Ultrasounds have already been done on hull. Sounds pretty positive
  13. hot damn, INEOS is moving!
  14. Have Ineos made it out of the shed today?
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