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  1. Have you looked at the VX One? There's a big and growing fleet in the greater Toronto area. And don't worry - RHYC definitely isn't too stuffy. It's actually pretty down to earth, despite the "Royal" prefix.
  2. Can you tell us a bit more about the boat? Builder? Hull plaque / serial number? Looking at the pictures thus far I'd say it's not worth spending more than $500-$1000 to repair. The good news is that it does look repairable. The most important part is to effectively recreate the foam/ glass sandwich if it was compromised. Unfortunately this boat will likely not win any more races (if it ever did!)...
  3. Martin, That's Alex By***o. Follow him on Insta. His name is Grand Fromage.
  4. @allweather Yes your repair idea is pretty much perfect. Drilling a small hole with stop the crack for a while. Looks like you have the carbon rig, so you can potentially also change to the new gooseneck fitting (would cost you about $100 in parts), and about 2 hours of work! Since I can see you have an old slider boat - you're fine keeping that boom going as long as possible. Do you know how old the boom is? In the period of 2011 to 2013 the builders had a few iterations of booms with the end result being that the new ones are extremely durable and can support very high vang loads. Tha
  5. I'm a bit late to jump in, but essentially will echo a lot of what was said above. I just took ownership of a new Mackay VX One this summer (hull # 315 thank you very much!). This boat is literally perfect. I seriously give it a 10/10. No joke. Bennett did a great job of taking the Viper and making the changes he wanted, took some 29er and 49er ingredients, then added a few small things of his own. Of course he had the benefit of hindsight! But couple that with two excellent, quality builders and a very robust yet tune-able rig - you get the perfect dinghy style sport boat. On t
  6. cantp1

    Used 49er

    I guess it's time for me to jump into this thread! (Sorry for my 3+ year absence from Dinghy Anarchy!!!!) Great to read JB "pontificating" as usual. Great, great reading, sir. To the OP - want a used boat in NA? Check the NA class page here: http://49er.ca/na-class/classified (as graciously pointed out by 1.5 thumbs - hope you're not serious!). Feel free to email me or call me if you want advice on what to look for and which boats are good buys. Long story short, you can definitely get a decent FX setup for under $10k USD nowadays (Covid 19 travel restrictions notwithstanding).
  7. HOT OFF THE PRESS.... Rumours of a "friendly" exhibition C Class regatta in Canada in September 2018!!??!! Could be a chance for the class to become relevant again? Let's see who comes out of the woodwork...
  8. I believe that precedent has been set, since they obviously competed in 2003, 2007 and 2010? But I'm no lawyer... I agree that it would be great to have Alinghi back in the game - and what a show-down it could be!
  9. cantp1

    rs aero

    .. ....you can always wear that foil hat yer've got ...not everything needs t'foil---it doesn't work everywhere or all the time! I agree but at this point they're just copying the Hoot! We don't need two Lasers (oh wait, there's 3 variations), nor do we need two Hoots!
  10. cantp1

    rs aero

    Does it foil? If it doesn't foil, it's just a waste of time and money...
  11. I heard from a well connected ISAF delegate that there is a meeting today between Bruce Kirby, Gary Jobson, Jerome Pels (+ Lawyers) and some others at NYYC...
  12. Heading down to Newport for Sail Newport in the 49er... Time to teach some Yanks how to sail skifffs!

  13. God save the 49er

  14. 29er rebuild almost done...

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