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  1. As long as they remove NZ from the title if sailing in The Emirates because in my mind they would have "sold out".
  2. Well if they ain't sailing in NZ for NZ, then im out after 29 loyal years.
  3. It needs to be a design race or its just another boring yacht race.
  4. The bloody holders had to give everyone canting foil arm designs this time because noone would have had a clue how to design and build in time.
  5. If its not sailed here they can ditch the last two letters off their name.
  6. Still better to watch than displacement boats from a spectators point of view.
  7. Dont we have a computer game guy worth 4 billion on board?
  8. Its all good if you loose interest and dont watch anymore.
  9. A one off challenge against Ineos in the UK is the rumour....
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