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  1. The picture in the yachts & yachting article you shared shows them sailing across the channel with smaller sails. $1800 seems fairly expensive unless it is in mint shape. The Wayfarer equivalent in Canada is the CL16 or Mistral 16 and are not hard to find.
  2. I second the mattress method. I used one on my 505 after damaging my tank hull joint trailering.
  3. Someone I know is looking at buying this mystery boat. 16 foot and built in Alberta by Sawyer. Any guesses?
  4. Not a true cat boat, just dropped the jib for solo simplicity. Not sure what is going on with the running backstay but they look doubled up to strengthen the mast. For a grand including trailer it has great appeal. Yellow color is a bonus.
  5. Fun factor rating seems high for a 10 footer
  6. Looks like a Ranger 16 and dimensions are similar.
  7. That a great find Bill. I saw the add on Facebook as well and for $100 thought it would be a fun looking tender for my sailboat. Alas it sold in a couple of days.
  8. I'll post boat number two in the oddball boat club An excellent candidate for Int. Bathtub 8
  9. The ramped cleat units are used on the FD
  10. 107" on the one hanging from my fence.
  11. The beauty of the drum vang is it's simplicity. I've yet to get the boat fully rigged as my free time is taken up by sailing.
  12. Funny that you mention hair removal Bill. I've been trying to cobble a fireball together since spring with misc bit Oneofthe odd bits is what looks like a wire drum Vang. It does not come anywhere near the jib halyard to be functional. Efficient but a bit hazardous
  13. The FD is very tame everything happens slowly. We use a 505 jib on the furler and use it as a comfy fast camping cruiser. Lots of room for gear, high boom, sails great with just the mainsail.
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