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  1. http://www.sailingsardinia.it/eccola-4/?fbclid=IwAR0hVwAsWYR9i3e-Cat9EoJetJo775OzK7e5UUrcisrf5MBUnhR7dkBEexk
  2. Hi X , dessaler means " scuffiare" or capsize for the non italians
  3. On my Aero47 in Sardinia and on the XO racer in Trieste
  4. http://www.sail-the-difference.com/home/english/the_features_of_the_easy_to_use_smg_catamaran/ninja/

    I'm interested in this tri but it is not imported into the U.S.

    I currently sail a F16. It is too much boat for me to single hand in wind over 15 knots.

    I'v wondering if I can use my F16 rig and one hull as the basis for a tri similar to the Ninja.

  5. Thanks, I thought that was the same boat ( OSTAR compeititor turned Club Med vessel ) - didn't the original skipper lose an arm or something ? - and still raced ? ( no single-handed jokes, guys, that's just wrong...) Shark, you're thinking about Alain Colas's Club Med, in the next Ostar. It was a 4 mast, 74 meters vessel. It arrived second behind Eric Tabarly's Pen Duick6. Alain Colas lost a foot on his previous boat (Tabarly's tri ex Pen Duick 4, then Manureva) anchor chain around his foot...then he has his foot reattached to his leg. this happened before the Ostar on Club Me
  6. bellissimo questo L8!

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