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  1. The president of North Sails really hated that Sobstad main. Hard to disagree with him.
  2. It seems likely that the magic in any of their control systems is inside the box, not so much the layout of switches on the outside. Also way too late to reverse engineer anything significant at this point. Given the recent results who would want to copy AM anyway? They deserve all the credit in the world for getting out there at all but they just weren’t in it today. Hope they get it sorted out tomorrow.
  3. Lifelines on the foredeck? Don’t think I’ve seen them before.
  4. My two cents on the choice of boat, and I like fast boats as much as the next guy. Think about the difference between car racing and pretty much any team sport - any version of football for example. In car racing you watch an object competing with other objects. The only team aspect is the pit stop. In any team sport you watch all the team members doing choreographed things together so the team can win. In the olden days AC races looked a lot more like a team sport - spinnaker sets, douses, gybes, tacks - all that stuff is choreographed like a play in American football. T
  5. Thanks. I was thinking more about the speed of adjustments to the foil flaps and rudder rake.
  6. Do we really know how responsive the FCS is? Seems like it went from “situation normal” to “oh shit” in about two seconds. Would a control input to the FCS even work fast enough to make a difference?
  7. TH was pretty clear that the foil hydraulics were not damaged. No fluid leak. It's the electronic control package that's "done". I'm also amazed that the bellyflop landing could cave in a section of the hull. Somebody repeated the design rule - "if it fails it's too light, if it doesn't fail it's too heavy". If somebody actually ran the numbers and calculated that they made the skin strong enough to withstand a landing if dropped straight down, but not strong enough if dropped when heeling, they should have remembered that sailboats have sails on them. Hence the name. "Sails" mean t
  8. We don’t know what the internal structure looks like. I’m wondering if the shape of the hole is defined by the internal ribs. The skin tore away until it was stopped.
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