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  1. Isn't that a bit hard? Must be a reason I suppose that we are not all party too. But to be fair I get good support from the Doyle's loft here in China
  2. Thanks. I will travel to the yard next week and meet the dealer and go through all the items one by one. For the leak no-one is sure yet what caused it. For other items its clear what needs to be done to repair. For now I am taking them on their word to present me with a " good as new." boat next spring. What else can I do without resorting to threats? One thing is for sure we will be floating her next spring before return to make sure she is watertight... I just hope lessons are learnt from this to avoid problems with their new First 36. As Shanghai sailor said up thread, mine is a 's
  3. My First 27 arrived back at the dealers yesterday on a truck. Every opportunity now for Beneteau/Seascape to fix her properly between now and April. Fingers crossed...
  4. Thank you Startracker for your informative post. Thank you Startracker for your informative post. Good idea about using a bespoke hose to check the source of the leak. I am not completely convinced actually that the source of the leak is the seal. Your idea would help to confirm this one way or the other .
  5. It's some time since I updated this thread. 'Beneteau/Seascape have undertaken to take my First 27 away this winter and make it as good as new.. 'But it's unreasonable to expect compensation. Problems are normal in this industry and should be expected'. Ho-hum... Waiting for them to take her away. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and take them on their word for now. What a carry on....
  6. Well I hope they will finally make amends this autumn and will learn some lessons from this that will benefit them and future customers. Clearly the relationship between Beneteau and Seascape has not gone as well as hoped so far. and I have been a fall guy for this. There's a topic on the Fix it Anarchy on my leaking boat and I will report there. Let's focus on the new 36 here. Thanks for everyone's support.
  7. I would.not have considered the First 27 if it was still Seascape for that reason. However with Beneteau's long term presence in Asia and the personal reccomendation of the boat by Beneteau's Asia customer service manager who I have known for 15 years or so, I mistakenly assumed I would be in the hands of a slick. international support infrastructure. How wrong I was. Of course.Covid won't have helped . But stupid stuff happened like a toilet pump that was broken and glued together fitted as new and standing rigging that wouldn't fit and took a month to fix. That's hard to understand. That's
  8. Should be a good boat But from my experience I suggest interested buyers wait a period before buying one to allow Seascape time to sort out the boat. It's a lot more complex than the 27 and my early 27 has many problems and significant issues. Not all these have not been sorted 6 months after delivery including a major water leak.. Let alone any repayment for undelivered items or compensation for delivering a faulty boat. I should not have bought one of the early ones and really regret being a first mover. Dumb move. Wait. First 27 is a great sailboat in principle though...
  9. Yes new boat this year. Been busy with other unfortunate issues so only just turning attention to the engine/prop. It's a really good sailboat.Everything I hoped for when sailing. Such a shame that it was marketed before wrinkles sorted out. Covid and the weird relationship between Seascape and Beneteau definitely not helped. And the local nominated dealer here is also overwhelmed. Hence I really appreciate the SA forum input.
  10. Very good input from everyone thanks. I love this forum. I am now thinking it's more likely an engine issue too. We will be pulling her out for the winter in about 4 weeks and then I can see if the transmission is stiff and the alignment ok . There is an electric fan to suck out fumes and presumably pull fresh air into the engine compartment. That's not working so maybe the quality of the air entering the engine is also poor. Clutching at straws but sometimes silly things can have consequences. Good old Murphy and his law.
  11. Thanks for your trouble Jaramaz. This forum is so helpful. I did try the Gori calculator and they recommended 12.5 in x 8in. That's not far off my current 13 x 9 it seems. But another calculation.would be the 35 amp alternator. I suppose on a small engine of 9hp that will take a significant percentage of the power while recharging the batteries?
  12. It's a new engine with about 30 hours on it. Unfortunately the Yanmar A instruments were fitted which do not have a rev counter (I requested the B option but was informed not possible ) I have tried to source a different external rev counter but that has proved difficult here . But no way does it rev to 3600 RPM. My impression is that it is maybe overpropped but Seascape insist that is not possible as their first factory boat is apparently fine. But I don't know what gearbox ratio they have on that boat.
  13. Thanks Zonker. I dont know what revs I can get as there is no Rev counter but it's certainly much less than the free revving engine out of gear in calm conditions
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