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  1. So the fitter from local Beneteau agent has got as far as disconnecting the seal from the GRP propshaft tube. The seal slides on and off the tube very easily. (Please see video). The tube is 44mm in diameter. Anyone have any experience of these seals. It would seem very loose on the tube. Not much to stop major water ingress normally if a clip failed. Is this how the seal should be? Any opinions appreciated. On the hard now for over 3 weeks while Beneteau ponders what to do... Anyway should get a ride on a new Far East 23 this weekend for a sailing fix. Launched in the same marina with no pro
  2. It was delivered from the Seascape facility in Slovenia.
  3. I have lived in Indonesia Singapore and China. Worked extensively in Philippines Malaysia and Thailand. In my experience China is not the worst state in this part of the world for corruption at the personal level for daily living of its citizens. Nowhere close. That's not to defend the situation in China; though as SS and others point out, it has improved both at a personal and business level. It used to be like the wild west. Now its like the slightly crazy west.
  4. Oh.. OK. Maybe the carbon rig will increase speed upwind to Warp speed and it will be a challenge keeping the hull planing out of the water...
  5. Once the wind picks up above 12 knots there may not be much need for the extra horsepower. Below that the First 27 is very easy to manage the spinnaker and code 0. I have no doubt that the SE with the carbon rig will be faster. But knots per dollar maybe not so much. Its going to be interesting to see the real world experience head to head.
  6. I don’t see why they would. Seascape put a lot of work into that. But you still need a crane so it's not as handy as at first thought. Personally for my needs I was happy to move away from a swing keel with this boat. It opens up the saloon significantly and more weight at the bottom of the keel (maybe) improving stability. I dont like the T shape bulb though. There are a lot of crab pots etc here... .
  7. The First 27 seems to be aimed at the middle of the market. Sailors that had limited skills wanting something stable that could still cope with spinnakers etc. That's me. Not sure that a carbon rig can be justified though of course nice to have. On the other hand if the sailor forgets to tighten the backstay when he sets the spinnaker he might wish he had a carbon rig. We havent had a chance to sail mine much yet and with no cunningham yet or the complete reefing equipment we haven't explored.all her capabilities But both the code.0 and the spinnaker have been user friendly in lightish
  8. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. There is nowhere else in sailing like the folks on SA for support. I will post what we finally find out is the problem and how we solve this.
  9. OWS I hate to jump in again but I need.to comment on the "toxic food chain". I dont know where you got your information from but this is my particular area of knowledge. I have built two food testing labs in China. All I can say is there has been vast improvement over the last 20 years. Feeding 1.4 billion people from land that is not generally well suited to farming is a massive challenge and many mistakes have been made but like many things here,the food chain is much less toxic than before and better than many other populous countries This is a fun topic you started but please can we
  10. `European Bloke`. Unfortunately I fear you may be right. I don't want to fight in the courts. Life is too short. I hope Beneteau realise they completely screwed up this time and compensate me for effectively receiving a second hand boat. Its the right thing to do. But somehow I dont think that will be their opinion.
  11. Thanks Patrese. This would seem to be the best solution to try plus better clips as above. The local agent is waiting for clear instructions from Beneteau but they have not been forthcoming.
  12. Thanks for your info about Seoul. Might be better when you get back to visit each other for a sail. It's a very short flight. I have the opposite experience. Stuck here with the suitcase on the wardrobe with no practical chance to leave China. Work usually takes me all over Asia. This is hard to endure. But at least we are safe here for the moment
  13. How. long did you sail in Korea? I hope to make it to Seoul one day on my First 27. Shipping 101 is prepare a shipping list. Didn't happen here and it sounds like it didn't happen with yours
  14. Yes I was surprised too! I thought buying from Beneteau offered some assurance. How wrong I was! It seems they are not the worldwide company offering international support that they suggest.
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