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  1. A shout out for the First 27. I have had all sorts of silly issues with mine when delivered, but hopefully they have been sorted on the later boats . It's becoming apparent though that's its a easy and forgiving boat to sail. Pretty sporty but with excellent stability. No standing headroom but otherwise very comfortable and roomy for its size.
  2. French sailboat company and a Chinese Insurance company. Not sure that would go well... Best we keep it afloat using its new silkaflex buoyancy aid.. It's working so far... Still awaiting news on a permanent solution though and the other missing parts have not arrived yet. I did hear the Evergiven is on its way back to Asia. Perhaps that's where they are stashed.. It's had the blame for a lot of other misplaced goodies
  3. For the sake of the early owners of the First 36 I really hope lessons have been learnt from the introduction of the First 27 to the market. Please get it really sorted including accurate assembly instructions and a manifest of all the parts before sending an edition to a customer's appointed Beneteau agent.
  4. I am not a gifted sailor. Just an enthusiastic amateur,. I owned a J70 for about 6 years. Great boat to sail on and learn better sailing skills. It quickly tells you what you are doing right or indeed wrong without throwing you out of the cockpit. We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot. This year as my new boat has not always been usable, I have had the opportunity to sail on a new FE 23. I am impressed. Build quality is not as "heavy" as the J70 but it seems well put together and a lot of boat for the money. It is definitely more stable with a wide aft to the hull and the cockpit has a l
  5. I am speechless. . Sail magazine Boat Of The Year award 2023.?
  6. Thanks svein99 for the thoughtful post. One benefit of the temporary repair conducted by slathering everything with Silkaflex or similar is that the leak was definitely coming from the tube through the hull end and not from the propshaft seal, which now appears to be doing its job well. There is now no significant ingress of water, though how long this repair can last is anyone's guess. Good call out on the bilge pump and alarm. I have been thinking about that myself. Would one work with the few cm of depth available below the engine? (there is no bilge as such on the First 27?) There
  7. Oh yes they certainly know about it. Several emails on the issue.
  8. Sorry Sportsmen and Sportswomen.
  9. Yes you are right .And I don't want this thread to become a vindictive hate thread. I think so far we have been able to keep it fairly level headed. Its been a therapy for me to have somewhere to discuss my frustrations and get useful feed back from the Anarchists.. But I think its also been a commentary on the state of the sailing industry . People need to wake up and smell the coffee. There are a lot of other ways for recreational sportsmen to spend their money. And Beneteau certainly haven't been working hard on this problem. I wish the First 27 well in the Sail competition. Its a v
  10. Well, Beneteau/Seascape have contacted me again to promise action, but then following that email, a message has been sent to me via the Chinese dealer that in future they only want to communicate with me through that dealer as that is company protocol... Oh dear.... Anyway lets see. In other news, the First 27 has been nominated for Boat of the Year by Sail magazine.... I hope the one they try doesn't leak water.....if it doesn't they will find other aspects of the boat quite impressive.
  11. Thank you for your efforts Patrese.
  12. Yes maybe you are right but surely this can be sorted without resorting to courts? I was probably naive buying one of the first of these aluminium rig 27s but they have been building essentially the same boat for about 7 years . Its a really good sail and when it is sorted it will give me years of pleasure. All I need.is for Beneteau/Seascape to step up to their responsibilities and I am happy to work with them to sort it all. All I ask is that they start talking to me and try to find solutions . Surely they are not ashamed.of their product ?
  13. Thanks for all the comments. Total silence from Beneteau/Seascape. I don't understand their attitude to a customer. Is this normal in the industry?
  14. I don't blame the local dealer. The mechanic has just tried to do something to get the boat back in the water. (Though this fix was rather drastic and I suspect wont last long ) There has been ineffectual support from the Beneteau/Seascape team. It is so sad. Yes I would just like to return the boat and get my money back or have it replaced with a boat that is properly sorted, but what are the realistic chances of that? It is a nightmare for me.
  15. Sorry the picture upside down again. No idea why
  16. It's been repaired..Sort of.. Cleaning up and refitting didn't work so they have done a Chernobyl style repair, building a sarcophagus around the seal and tube.. It's dry for the moment.... Hopefully when Beneteau finish their summer holidays they will suggest something more permanent..
  17. Thanks to all you anarchists for your help and suggestions.. This is a great forum. I am informed this morning that an attempt to solve this will be made on Wednesday. I will report what happens.
  18. Thanks for the support. I just don't understand how Beneteau think this is acceptable. I ordered this boat at the end of August 2020. It was delivered in Mid April and here we are at the end of July with a leaking boat . (also other issues still to fix.) . Its not rocket science. A 1 GM10 Yanmar and a simple propshaft . There is now also another new Beneteau trawler in the marina with broken steering. Its all very sad
  19. Thank Thank you. I really appreciate it
  20. So the fitter from local Beneteau agent has got as far as disconnecting the seal from the GRP propshaft tube. The seal slides on and off the tube very easily. (Please see video). The tube is 44mm in diameter. Anyone have any experience of these seals. It would seem very loose on the tube. Not much to stop major water ingress normally if a clip failed. Is this how the seal should be? Any opinions appreciated. On the hard now for over 3 weeks while Beneteau ponders what to do... Anyway should get a ride on a new Far East 23 this weekend for a sailing fix. Launched in the same marina with no pro
  21. It was delivered from the Seascape facility in Slovenia.
  22. I have lived in Indonesia Singapore and China. Worked extensively in Philippines Malaysia and Thailand. In my experience China is not the worst state in this part of the world for corruption at the personal level for daily living of its citizens. Nowhere close. That's not to defend the situation in China; though as SS and others point out, it has improved both at a personal and business level. It used to be like the wild west. Now its like the slightly crazy west.
  23. Oh.. OK. Maybe the carbon rig will increase speed upwind to Warp speed and it will be a challenge keeping the hull planing out of the water...
  24. Once the wind picks up above 12 knots there may not be much need for the extra horsepower. Below that the First 27 is very easy to manage the spinnaker and code 0. I have no doubt that the SE with the carbon rig will be faster. But knots per dollar maybe not so much. Its going to be interesting to see the real world experience head to head.
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