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  1. Perfectly valid configuration to validate. A days testing will have given enough data to decide if it worth it to go further.
  2. measurement is taken from the line that joins the outer points
  3. look like only one runner go down to the main sail clew?
  4. Looks like LRPP still trying to get their no runners through, interpretation 79. Must be important to them or just a very big smoke screen.
  5. rule 9.7 boundary layer control
  6. read the rules and interpretation's. Hard cover's on the deck? what is the deck see definition 35.54
  7. The class rules require that the boats carry both a jib and a CZ or there equivalent weight in correctors. These sails are allowed to be raised and lowered while sailing, but I have not see or heard of this happening only testing of CZ after a static raising, no practice of the actual manoeuvre of changing sails. Living in AU my information is only what I see second hand so I could be wrong. The ability to quickly and smoothly transition between jib and CZ ie. drop one and raise the other, is the secret to low wind speed performance. It also leads to requiring foils that have a narrower
  8. Please have a look at the interpretations and see how many impact on CZ and headsail changing ie 2, 13, 43, 49 53, 54 I would suggest a lot of out of sight planning going on to possible help deal with this
  9. I hope ETNZ got a BIG pay out from Fox in AU. Only think here that is unblocked are the high-lights. At least I can go back to watching the 18's
  10. Most likely would have to be inbuilt at build time
  11. Placement of pumps, tanks and batteries seam to be open. Mounting tolerances allow for small possible built in AoA on the arms
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