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  1. Yohoho and a bottle of brass monkey.... You rock my, brotha man , would love to, but also want to capture some kitty-time. When are you in NYC next?
  2. Maine is prime sailing my friends. Kitty let's do a distance race somewhere to somewhere else, and make Bobo come with us.
  3. Hope you all had a great summer, bitch'iz
  4. Kitty delete your old messages- your box is full
  5. I waved.... Couldn't stay and play post race.
  6. Sail Maine put on some really nice races to kick off the season....or shake it down I guess. great job all
  7. What's the scoop on the "Down East Challenge", anyone here done it? Marblehead to Rockland, From the MorAss schedule?
  8. would love it, my brothah from anothah mothah Ohhhh Daddy is excited....... Kitty, I would be up for a guest appearance this season on BDP if it works for you and can work out schedule wise. I am practicing and racing in the Med on the new Aegir all of June, the first 1/2 of July and first 1/2 September but will be in New England otherwise. I know, tough schedule huh... Cheers, Bobo Bobo, hope you get to Maine for some fun. I will be in RI a few times this summer and want to scam a ride on some sweet sled. My schedule however does not bring me to the Med t
  9. would love it, my brothah from anothah mothah
  10. wow - had to dig deep for this thread - Sail Maine Swwwwarrrray (I think thats how you spell it) was a great event. things got a little fuzzy after that.
  11. dirty-fool maybe, but who's keeping track. I will have a chance to thaw out next week. Headed South for the Mid-Winters, which only means I haven't sailed on a 24 for a while, so I have forgotten how painful the boats are. looking forward to it.
  12. Eights- There is a guy up in Bangor named Tom Sawyer who was really active in the class a while back. He owns a big waste management biz. He really is a great guy. If you can't get in touch with him I would try to get in touch with him through Tom Brown the coach at MMA. Good luck- kitty His buddy Huck is a cool shit also.
  13. It's just a thing I do on the side to put myself through medical school.
  14. Good time - how do I get this tatto off.
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