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  1. Almost. It was one of the crew beig hit in the head. The skipper prevented him from falling overboard. According to the article. BILD is the german fox news, so take it with a grain of salt.
  2. Minis have very small cockpits, so there are better boats for daysailing with 4. The layout is awesome for 1 or 2 people, tho. The bouancy requirements cut into the space below. That said, you absolutely can daysail them with 4 and you can spartan cruise anything that floats.
  3. Yeah, we heard the same lies here in germany before we got a minimum wage. Turns out a minimum wage does not cost jobs as minimum wage jobs are jobs that need to be done. Think some CEO is going to start cleaning his own office because cleaners get decent pay? 450€/month jobs are not fulltime. Minimum wage is 9.something€/h. (Which is still way too low.)
  4. Gasly sure seems like future world champion material.
  5. I like how they set up the ladder for swimming and then no one wants to jump into the cold af mountain lake water.
  6. That thing is super skewed. You'd have to agree with "gas the jews" to be labeled an authoritarian rightwinger.
  7. It's no surprise to anyone. Want to study, but daddy can't pay? US: 6 figure debt Germany: low 5 figure debt Norway: you get paid by the state
  8. Loads of family friendly and somewhat sporty boats in your price range on scanboat et al. Not sure you want something too edgy with two kids on board. Can't really speak about the FC10, but own a FC8. It's not a family boat.
  9. Yeah, about that... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Social_Mobility_Index
  10. Warning: in german. Guy wants to sail iceland for 40 days. Breaks rip on day 3. Continues.
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