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  1. Good point. There's also a difference between having the right to have an opinion and having the right to voice it. There are limits to the later.
  2. Drama, action, close championship race. I like it.
  3. We just haven't figured out which 9 will be allowed to return.
  4. Snowflake libtards fighting for the rights of minorities, homos and retards.
  5. Uhm... It doubles as two bathtubs?
  6. Does it come with a saw to chop 6.6cm off so it fits into the smaller multihull category for the silverrudder? Nice boat otherwise.
  7. ZFCM (Zermelo Fraenkel Communist Manifesto) are now the axioms of choice for most of mathematics.
  8. Missed the race. Wtf did Ferrari do?
  9. Didn't he change it to "No Bullshit, just product placement"?
  10. Boat looks like you need to reef early or bring your biggest friends as rail meat.
  11. Where do they sell those?
  12. Want to actually reduce murder? Try a higher minimum wage, universal healthcare, decent unemployment benefits, better and free education, sane drug policy, gun control, etc. You know ... shit that works.
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