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  1. It's beyond me how anyone could watch that video and call it anything but murder. Seeing Floyd and several bystanders begging for his life over and over again to no avail is unbearable to me.
  2. "Tell me, do you have hair up your nose?" "Why?" "Because I have hair on my ass. We can tie them together."
  3. If you have a social job in a kindergarden etc. you can get vacinated starting next week, unless you're over 65, because then you may not receive the AstraZeneca shots. /facepalm
  4. And by leeward I mean windward. /facepalm
  5. Higher loads. Oversimplified summary: Has to be able to lift half the weight instead of a quarter. Higher twisting loads due to longer ww hull.
  6. In theory it could combine a decent amount of form stability (from a wide leeward side) with a high l/b (while heeled) and self righting. Pays the price of shunting, but that's still a nice combination to have.
  7. A danish (I think) guy build models like that. I find it quite intriguing in theory.
  8. So am I. Why is the bern where the stow should be?
  9. Okay, sorry. I was under the assumption you weren't insane. Obviously I was mistaken.
  10. So do me a favour and don't. I've worked with refugees and none of them left their home for fun. Many of them have been through unspeakable horrors and they deserve every bit of help they get and then some.
  11. Shhht, don't tell them they have basically the same ideology or they will ally up.
  12. Still better than our navy. 135 million € repair bill so far and she's still in a yard.
  13. Gladly I didn't have to take econ classes. The logic for philosophers class was infuriating as it (basically) assumed all sets to be non-empty. The book for that class is 250 pages of headache inducing gibberish.
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