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  1. Hi guys, I´m coming in a little late and don´t want to scroll through all the posts. So can anybody tell me which boat has benn which boat before? Okay, 11th hour has been the Boss, Bureau Vallee has been L´occidane, Linkedout still is linkedout but then... And how about the 65´s?
  2. Dear all, I didn´t post much during this edition but tried to follow all the posts. The reason for my writing today is, that there has been a miracle on German TV. Every sunday afternoon there is a show about all kinds of sports, usually 40 minutes of football the rest about all the other events. Yesterday they sent the complete 60 minutes about the Vendee. I had to reach the age of 71 to experience this. Normally on German TV sailing doesn´t exist. And now a complete show of 60 minutes. I couldn´t believe it. Of course Boris was the main actor but the show all in all told many deta
  3. Don´t think there are cracks. In the second pic you can see that there are ropes hanging down to the foil
  4. anything live about boris coming in?
  5. Now wait a minute. There are 7 foilers in the first ten boats (still). The fat lady hasn´t sung yet.
  6. I´m looking at these round the world races for about 10 Years now from my armchair and it´s always the same: These races are being won down and up the Atlantic. In between the changes depend on what gets broken. So there´s no use of speculation about one or two knots more or less before the Falklands.
  7. to me one of the most impressive guys is louis Burton. Remember that he had to stop for 5 hours and look where he is now. GO KING JEAN!!!
  8. Well, well. LinkedIn and the pack around her got stuck because they went too far right. Like I said: Very small band between no wind and the wrong side of Theta. If it moves mor east than NE I think the easterners are in a not so bad position.
  9. To all the weather-experts: How do you get to the western side of Theta? Seems to be a very small corridor between no wind and the upcoming western side of the storm. (Looking at windy)
  10. What good would it be to go west and then upwind down until you reach the Canaries?
  11. I don´t have any subtitles neither here nor on youtube. how did you get them?
  12. To say it again: Please stop talking about that ranking on the left. Their point of reference is the rumpline without counting int he north south spread. In other words it doesn´t mean anything
  13. Hello armchair navigators. Looking at windy it seems to get a little complicated north of the upcomming low because this one is travalling straight east, not north east. What do you say?
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