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  1. "How about Shady McCoy and crew beating up on a couple of off duty cops in an after hour club in Philly" Chip Kelly looking like a good judge of character just now
  2. for those of you still thinking "how could they not find a giant thing like a jet liner" a 777 weighs 200 tons or 400,000 lbs dry - mostly aluminum density of aluminum is about 0.1 lbs/cu inch - doing the ciphers says you could fit all that aluminum in a 40 foot shipping container now put that aluminum in a 1000 x 1000 mile patch of Indian ocean - that's a million square miles to search - and a square mile is nearly 28 million sq feet
  3. There is no DEW line down there - and a radar skin paint of a commercial aircraft is not detectable with normal ATC radars at those ranges - plus even flying at 7 miles high ~ two hundred miles from the radar is below the horizon if the transponder is not working - you won't see them DEW =Distant Early Warning radars - very high powered fixed beam radars in Alaska and Canada to built to detect USSR bombers coming over the north pole - so high powered that it can kill birds ATC = Air Traffic Control radar - normal low power tracking radar - needs transponder on aircraft to work properl
  4. i'm not tog, nor do I have his experience but I would say no, and no I don't think manned boats can go that deep - and there is no reason to have manned boats have sonar imaging - it's noisy manned boats need to be quiet
  5. 15,000 feet deep - black boxes may die soon and be un-findable - even if they do find the wreckage - it may be completely unrecoverable
  6. I don't know Ned a skin paint on radar is not that reliable, unless it's a megawatt DEW line in Alaska - a typical commercial radar relies on the aircraft transponder to reply to the radar signal with an ID number and an amplified response -if the is aircraft transponder is off - the radar can't see it. IIRC the typical distance a commercial radar skin paint can see a large aircraft is maybe 30 miles radius. lots of holes in the radar picket line there
  7. this sounds right - after designing to a guaranteed 3 sigma life requirement, and basing life on a minimum spec, and end of life battery, and a end of life device, and a very hot or cold operating environment.. I would not be surprised if it could double the design life in real life. aerospace engineers don't like failure. They don't mind cost, but don't like failure.
  8. called a whiffle tree - from draft horse harnesses
  9. secret word quiz what is the name for the device on the wing to spread the load, on the max load test pic above?
  10. I don't think so - poster vibroman can probably elaborate - but environmental testing is usually done at very elevated levels for shorter time - that mathematically simulates an aircraft life of 20 or 30 years. Vibration testing is done at higher vibration levels over a period of days or weeks to simulate a lifetime of flying. The tested airframes, if not actually broken, are then considered "lifed" and no longer airworthy. Environmental test engineers are generally "very" conservative
  11. JFC - what the fuck is wrong with the woody post ban him - ban him, now
  12. I wonder if any T-AGOS MSC ships were in the Straights of Malacca that night that being said - it's a very busy waterway and very noisy On second thought- it's probably too busy a waterway for a T-AGOS boat - plus there are only a few still operating, but they are mostly in the west pacific
  13. well, mostly right - Marin county has the water district lakes on the slopes of Mt tamalpais the truckee river flows east into Nevada to pyramid lake - the Merced river comes from exactly Yosemite valley and so cal also gets water from the Colorado river which is runoff from the Rockies
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