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  1. "How about Shady McCoy and crew beating up on a couple of off duty cops in an after hour club in Philly" Chip Kelly looking like a good judge of character just now
  2. well, mostly right - Marin county has the water district lakes on the slopes of Mt tamalpais the truckee river flows east into Nevada to pyramid lake - the Merced river comes from exactly Yosemite valley and so cal also gets water from the Colorado river which is runoff from the Rockies
  3. I am tired of the term virtually as in something is virtually empty why not say actually empty, or nearly empty, or just empty no need to drag out a fancy big word when a smaller one will do
  4. I saw the FH yesterday - still floating but the suprising thing is the large number of anchor outs surounding him like about a hundred, he is not alone, that's for sure
  5. is this how it ends? not with a bang, but with a whimper
  6. there were several search "david vann" and "tin can"
  7. snaerk - please just stop, really, just stop you don't make sense - and are unreadable - and you are not funny you are not helping anything are you related to HR? or woody?
  8. I grew up in that area - low tide just shows a muck bottom. I've never seen grass on the bottom in Richardson bay
  9. really? two months on the water and you are done? got no planning skills at all? it would take you at least two months to get to Hawaii loser
  10. was that English? you realize he's bin in the pokey for the last couple of weeks - so he's not actually had anything to do with it lately
  11. the bottom is muck there in Richardson bay he is relatively sheltered from the thermal west breeze, but I say, relatively - but in a couple of months he will start to be exposed to the big pre frontal southerlies, and then the clearing breeze northerlies and to respond to an earlier post about 100 kts - 40 kts from the south is not unusual - and once every ten years or so there is a big southerly like the year the 11 meters got blown off trailers at gas house cove, and the farr 40s got blown off stands at KKMI - the same year lots of big plate glass got busted out of the hillside homes in
  12. Hey! - they can go up the Sacramento river to the Feather river to Sutter county - what VHF channel are the drawbridge tenders on? On the way hot rod!
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