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  1. Has anyone ever used the Kiwi Slides? They are like hanks, but use boltrope or some kind of slide that goes up the furling extrusion. Seems like it would be easier to change between sails since the sail would stay attached to the furler when down on deck. You can them put up a different size sail on the other slot and take off the old sail when ready. And still use the roller function. Not sure how the hank/boltrope pieces stay in the grove or come out. Interesting idea but never hear of anyone using them.
  2. Anyway... we just bought a ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 but haven't used it in a cruising sense yet. The few times around the harbor has been pretty good in a 9' inflatable. Nice to have it so quiet. We had bought it to be able to roam around silently while looking at birds and other mammals. We would like to be able to get closer to wildlife, even bears foraging along the shore. We have a Yamaha 4, it will be interesting to compare the two if we ever get to go cruising again. This is in addition to our 13'er with a 50hp. Honda. I worry a little about the plastic build. It's all plastic
  3. Hawaii is reported to be extending their 14 day quarantine regulations until July 31st. So much for that.
  4. Have you ever thought about arranging the jacklines in the center of the boat, at least forward of the cockpit, to lessen the chance of going over and being dragged along the side?
  5. Looks better than most you see around the marina, especially the powerboaters.
  6. That went well, can't wait for the spinnaker peel...
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