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  1. The answer lies in AC RRS 60.4(b): When the umpires decide that a yacht has gained an advantage by breaking a rule after allowing for a penalty….. she shall be penalised under Rule 44.1 (b), [by a 50 metre penalty], or under Rule 44.1(c), by disqualification. A DSQ under 44.1(c) would be for an extreme case, such as deliberately breaking a rule. In normal racing, deliberately breaking a rule renders a yacht liable to protest under Rule 2 (Unfair Sailing), the normal penalty for which would a DNE (Disqualification non-excludable). In a best-of-X series of match races a DNE would be
  2. Bike mechs just cut them off and put a new one on. Putting them on's a different trick: lots of Fairy liquid!
  3. Only you could know whether you'd have beaten John Reay, 16th Silver Fleet. The NOR stated: 'We would ask that competitors 65 years and older, or who are recently shielded consider whether to enter.' There were category prizes for Apprentices, Masters and GMs, but not for GGMs, for either 6s or 7s. '
  4. Not quite: The relevant ILCA Rule 9 reads, 'No person is permitted to race a Laser in any Fleet, InterFleet, District, or other sanctioned event unless at least one member of the crew is a current member' of ILCA. As a 'Fleet' consists of six or more Laser sailors who sail together, either at a club as as part of some other organisation, the rule therefore covers club racing, open meetings (i.e. InterFleet) and national events, not just events run by, or on behalf of, the Laser Association.
  5. The button fee (don't ask me how much, cos I don't know) is paid to the Class Association, of which a proportion (don't ask me how much, cos I don't know) is (or should be) paid to each District, dependent on the sail sales to that district.
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