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  1. looks like i was overly optimistic doesn't look like anything is going to happen inside that head no matter how much shaking it does
  2. you carry on shaking im sure something will happen some day
  3. i confess to disliking the asshole a whole lot as well still interested in sail gp so maybe recognizing an asshole doesn't mean hating some of the things he has done hitler built lots of good stuff but i wouldn't invite him to dinner
  4. life just isnt the same since they took the anti itch cream out of the jumbo tampons
  5. which of these is that https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/MR
  6. if you have a look at the course ( which could have buoy's off the cows club to go through ) it has less than 10 tacks and gybes required if you used a minimum with not to much wasted vmg
  7. start and finish at southampton around the isle of white and back a little over 100ks course finish in around 2 hours per race would be an interesting spectacle and plenty of places to view it from should be a class race meet not an am cup race series
  8. sadly the home ( tvnz ) broadcast was expertly geared towards the 2 foot body with 3 foot arms brigade it was a cringe-fest from start to finish .. with a lot of viewers using only the live video with the sound off and watching youtube with a 30 second delay as far more preferable to listen to the very rare comments by barker were worth listening to but the rest of the base team negated any chance of allowing that to unmute the coverage embarrassing and forth rate tf for youtube
  9. when it comes to ceo's and boards i find it hard to find even one i think can justify the package they award themselves that is what has happened since the monkeys started to run the zoo's why bother picking on dalton .. sure he is a selfish greedy fuk .. but name one that isn't at least he is relatively competent .. which puts him streets ahead of most i have met
  10. burling doing the dixon course .. how to lose easily in a better boat
  11. the only take is etnz have a lot more to worry about than pplr do they need to pray for consistent high winds
  12. not around here .. we tend to drink a more palatable selection
  13. the tv coverage of this am cup has been nothing short of embarrassing to nz expect nothing you wouldn't find on " the bachelor" or "the young and the restless" and you wont be disappointed
  14. lol that would be fairly easy make it as cheap and as close to a dino juice as possible they didnt just drop the ball they threw it into the river even elon's team is only just starting to look at how they really should be designed
  15. you may have noticed in the last year or 5 some politicians and some governments are different to others most are pretty brain dead most lie ( assume all for safety ) but not all are pathological liars
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