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  1. unfortunately its where the clash of cultures are at their greatest .. so trust is at a minimum ie to save face ... its better to get caught in a lie than have to admit fault outright vs its better to come clean before somebody spots the lie ( trump is a noticeable exception ) i would guess that in a culture where for 1000s of years losing face was almost always a prelude to the head following it ... it would be hard to change
  2. all it said was the virus didn't HAVE to have been created in a lab which is about as accurate an assessment as most people think anyway ie it may have been and it may not have been any claimed guaranteed definitive's ( short of an admission on the side of was ) are never going to be accurate
  3. the ones i have met have all effectively painted themselves into a corner where pride and fear of being wrong has concreted them to the spot who wants to admit they are officially and undeniably a wack job tin hatter from what i have tried .. they just aint moving .. ever
  4. molding the darwin trophies as we speak
  5. completly dead are normally an easier fix than intermittent faults if you have ( access to ) a multi meter .. find where the power stops
  6. for those wondering https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molnupiravir
  7. if the drug was brought from another company .. as somebody stated but i have no link for proof that would / could change the approval process and numbers required for a statistical and safety trial assuming they heard of if when or after it had gone through the safety phase and they only need approval to use as a c19 treatment in which case the size of the trial is more than enough to give the results required to approve it as an effective c19 treatment
  8. yup the bleach kills the mold esp the bits deep in the seams so it all takes longer to come back .. the detergent makes it easy to scrub off
  9. the bit that interests me is is Molnupiravir a ' broad spectrum' anti viral it could be a real boon for a lot of things .. cutting the long term cost of the Anally Injected Death Sentence for one obvious why they have concentrated on C19 but have they released the lab tests on other stuff yet
  10. find a hemmed area that doesn't show and try some diluted bleach ( sodium hypochlorite ) if it has no effect on the dodger, spray or scrub it with the solution rinse and scrub with detergent added rinse again should come up like new
  11. its possibly a bit lucky dumb men vote with a bit of sexism .. otherwise most of the dumb us states would be run by the woman with the biggest tits
  12. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002897256308.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.54e8a40bBrKE4K&algo_pvid=c54d2e58-0cde-42f3-939f-cf6101b495f3&algo_exp_id=c54d2e58-0cde-42f3-939f-cf6101b495f3-23&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000022669916728"} proper tapes for that now
  13. the political system you get when most vote what their father voted who voted what their father voted .. ad nauseam the chronic lack of swing voters says a lot about the people
  14. pretty much everyone on the planet knew what a thieving lying pompous dickwacking fukwit trump was i had that opinion from even before he created " the apprentice " and most of the world breathed a collective ... " how the fuk could you " .. when he was elected
  15. its a standing joke she has the mouth of a horse .. hardly hidden its what smacks you in the face every time she opens it the podium of truth was coined some time ago in an effort to give it some cred and they often dispel the ' evidence ' of the anti vaxxers ( yes we have some ) truth rhymes with hoof so the step wasn't to far as far as comparing trump with anything remotely resembling human form .. it cannot be done had i realized you are a yank i would have either not bothered replying to your evidence demand ( most likely ) or not phrased it i
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