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  1. The recommended 14.4V for charging is 14.4V measured at the battery. The 14.6V output from your charger is measured at the charger. You certainly have at least some voltage drop from cable losses, so you may be close or right on. Measure it yourself to know for sure. For example, I have some long cable runs on my boat and to get 14.4V at the battery I need to set the charger to 14.9V. If you are really seeing 14.6V at the battery, I'd get a new charger. Even the good ones aren't that expensive.
  2. Oh man! I was anchored near Fort Monroe when this boat came in and anchored near by. Their boat is an Amel ketch. That was on about 10/23. I was only anchored there one night before moving to a marina in Portsmouth to wait out that really crappy weather. I can't believe they headed out into that. They only had to wait until Tuesday for things to clear up. Here's the GRIB for the approximate time they were rescued:
  3. Did you ask at Fawcett's? I was there recently and noticed that they have a large format printer in the store. I assumed they would print charts if I asked them. Don't know about price, but you'll probably have them a lot quicker than online ordering.
  4. The owners manual for my 1985 Baltic said the best thing an owner could do for the teak deck was "learn to like the color gray"
  5. Are you sure that the shaft is moving in the coupling? Could it be bad motor mounts allowing the whole shebang to move?
  6. I used to work on this boat out of Baltimore harbor back in the 1980s. What a fun time taking tourists out for booze cruises! She's for sale now, in North Carolina $190K https://www.boatshop24.com/us/-65-custom-gaff-rigged-schooner/Sailboat/44725
  7. I had these on a Baltic that I owned a while back. I can't comment on installation, but they worked very well.
  8. The two mast fittings were originally installed for the reaching strut (and the whisker pole). The strut and whisker pole are stored on the deck, with the spin pole stored on the mast track. The thing is, I never use the spin pole or reaching strut. I don't even own a symmetrical spinnaker sail. So the plan is to get rid of the spin pole and strut and to store the whisker pole on the mast in place of the spin pole. This will clean up my decks and make deploying the whisker pole a bit easier.
  9. I run this Bosch series/parallel switch on my boat and it works really well. It switches my batteries to run a 24V bow thruster and charge from a 12V alternator. The 24V contacts are huge, rated at 200A or more IIRC, the 12V contacts are smaller and rated at only 75A, but my 55A alternator doesn't charge that fast anyway.
  10. Why does 4 feet of 1" carbon tube cost $3K?
  11. Yes, always connected. No noticeable drag. Type 1 should be fine.
  12. I had a Raymarine electric linear drive on a previous boat and I thought it was really good. I used a Simrad computer and control head but the Ray drive will work with any system. It's strong silent and worked flawlessly for 10+ years with no maintenance.
  13. This is exactly how my boat is set up. Works well, but I'm going to change it because I never use the spinnaker pole and I'd rather have the whisker pole stored on the mast.
  14. MaxDog


    A heat gun still works better, in my experience.
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