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  1. A search for tug girding on youtube led to this interesting and horrifying video by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada:
  2. Wow, a huge and uttermost ugly dodger. And despite it's size it won't even dodge a wave wanting to go in the cockpit.
  3. You and others here might also enjoy his actively stabilized hydrofoil project.
  4. You're thinking of Nelson Piquet's Pilar Rossi and that is not it: Are we not looking at a sailing yacht hidden behind a power tri in the picture you are referring to?
  5. Title and article text are misleading. The carbon pricing plan is only for ships with a greater than 5000 Gross Tonnage and only specifically excludes ships like fishing and military vessels. Yachts are not mentioned. To say only big yachts are exempt would simply be false. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/t-e-eu-carbon-pricing-scheme-lets-too-many-small-ships-off-the-hook Full text: https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/default/files/fueleu_maritime_-_green_european_maritime_space.pdf That being said, carbon emissions by yachts should be taxed. Regardless of th
  6. Somehow this would not work if the America's Cup was pictured.
  7. You might be thinking about the concept of "homo universalis" a.k.a. "polymath" : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymath
  8. I like how it's 53ft and tiller steered. And despite being weight conscious there is an antique tile wall.
  9. Amusingly, this boat including it's sailplan and the free standing masts was designed by Dykstra, the very same naval architect that did the masts and sailplan for "it". Dykstra's personal boat "bestevaer II" is quite cool as well:
  10. Without wanting to quote balsabrains. It's amusing and, in the context of this meme, ironic how rightwing meme makers seem to think an electric car depletes batteries in neutral.
  11. These are examples of keels that work better than others under the 8mR rules. Those rules are weird and simultaneously specific though. It's hard to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of such keels for other classes or boats not restricted by class rules.
  12. There's an educational/amusing vid about this dude, he has so many Klein Bottles he has to store them under his floor. The space under his floor is very low so he build a little robot to retrieve them when he sells one.
  13. Back to basics and more exiting sa/disp ratios, whaler "molly":
  14. Y'all need a little more imagination:
  15. Admittedly the design had to grow on me and i did not like it at first. The design choices started to make sense when i became aware of the tumblehome visible in the picture below and the galleon quarter fell. I hope we get to see some helicopter view heavy weather sailing footage with the rig up some day.
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