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  1. For sake of completeness I'll post Doug's video about the trip with Captain C-Money (yes that really is the name he is using for himself) from Antigua to buttfuck Georgia. Only watch if you are intrigued by nasal spray flowing from orifices and used ear swabs. Don't think there is enough interest in video's like these to start a separate thread "Antithesis of girl with patreon account goes sailing in a hot place".
  2. In a special kind of way i like how it looks seen from the back: The front, not so much:
  3. She lost her mast due to a forestay failure during the Heineken Regatta in march. Someone might get lucky with this auction.
  4. 75' needs mast, bidding ends today, minimum bid 100,000: https://www.cooperss.com/assets/detail?name=marine&id=28720
  5. There does seem to be a foil in the centerline, is it ballasted?
  6. Their original plans called for one pilot. The change to two pilots was made public only recently.
  7. SP80 livestream where they answer quite a few questions, timestamps to the different questions are in the video description: Team Syroco has a video that shows a prototype flying attached to a "hook": Video of the underwater wing/hook: https://www.facebook.com/SyrocoLab/videos/what-happens-underwater-/369690654549212/
  8. Original artist can be found here: It's the details that get me, a sizzling outboard (Doug forgot to put oil in it on it's first run) and how the dinghy painter is belayed.
  9. Doug calls his project "the boat the internet built". This is how he handles the internet giving him plumbing advice: And: YouTube commenter: "You absolutely need the expansion rings when connecting pex otherwise the fittings will leak even under low pressure just so you know @svseeker I love your boat but I’d hate for you to regret your decision the Chinese fitting are uponor and are meant for there tubing the inside diameter is smaller for the expansion so they shrink back on I think you should have talked to a licensed plumber to gain the Necessary knowledge of pex
  10. Mike on battery electric vehicles: While i won't go into the rest of your disinformation campaign inspired ramblings, try and let your ICE car run without cooling the next time you go for a ride.
  11. They claim to be a recreational vessel? Money is collected for "maintaining and staffing water vessels for ocean research" by a nonprofit. The build is generating income from youtube, patreon and merchandize. How does this all fit together?
  12. The barge incident took place in late May. Floods were because of extended periods of heavy rain. But you're right, it's unlikely enough rain will fall the coming month to course very significant changes in water level.
  13. To reach the nearest bit of sort of open water to test sail handling they will have to pass this lock and dam system: This was during a season with very high floods but those seem to become more common.
  14. I've got an angle grinder, don't bore me with drawings.
  15. In that picture there's stil someone at the bow. At the very end of the video it becomes even worse when he walks back and someone else moves away more from the centerline.
  16. At about 2:10 the tender oopses the gangway contraption, crew gathers on the side to check things out, Seeker develops a list:
  17. Random Facebook expert: I can hear her, from as far away as Georgia, yearning for the sea.
  18. This part of the site is really Interesting, among other information it describes types of boats attacked and the damage different types of rudders suffer: https://www.orcaiberica.org/characteristics-of-the-interacting-ships
  19. I wanted to click the arrow and ask you how you managed to put a facebook video on SA. What i'm left with is liking how the arrow seems to be illustrating our argument.
  20. Thinking about it, there's this certain less than amicable demographic on SA. One of them claimed he put me on his block list not too long ago as I accused him of fear mongering. He seems like a perfect crew candidate. Wonder if I can pm him with this opportunity.
  21. Seeker is ready to set a sail for the first time coming Tuesday. In the facebook video below Doug is looking for volunteers to assist, it also shows some intricacies of the rigging. It would be nice to have an anarchist present at this occasion. https://www.facebook.com/groups/svseeker/permalink/5141163495972876/
  22. That's Rio de Janeiro when the pope visited.
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