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  1. On 10/5/2020 at 1:25 PM, allweather said:

    I still have the PDF for that. Only had to replace a short piece of track on my own 49er mast and found it fairly straightforward.

    Hope the instructions give you everything you require.

    Microsoft Word - How to track a - Oliver.pdf


    On 10/6/2020 at 6:30 AM, JulianB said:

    We tend to use the MA420 and have had a lot od sucess with it.


    It's pretty quick, so you need to be well prepared.

    MA425 is very good, but you need to prepare the surface more than with 420.

    I would be using MA422 before MA425.

    I do have a tube of MA300 in my front yard, but can't remember why, it's 1:1, where as the others are 10:1.

    Both Ovington and Nautivela have small single shot/use methacrylates, and I am told they are popular.

    I have always wiped it down with a Methly Cloride or a Methlyated Sprits after giving is a super light sand/scour.

    The PVC (sailtrack) needs to be clean also, no oil (used in production) again either of the Methly's will do the trick.


    I finally got hold af everything, and got to work. Used masking tape along the outline of the sail track and inserted stir sticks into the luff groove to even out the pressure from the clamping tape. I used MA300 and because of the low temperatures around here, it didn't set too soon. There was a bit of cleaning up. I actually reused the old track... again, thank you for your help and guidelines. The mast is now back in use...

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  2. So, my daughter recently broke the middle part of the mast on her 29er. In the process, the sail track, which is glued on to the top part of the mast, was torn off.

    I would like to fix this, but what kind of glue should I use, and what is the "correct" method for lining up mast and track, and applying pressure for the glueing?

  3. 2 hours ago, Alan H said:

    OK, so I'm sort of duplicating a post I started in general anarchy, but I'm sort of...what? Bemused? "Taken with" ?  Admiring? Don't know what to think? ...about this boat. What say you, Bob (and others!)

    OK, the Ed put a SCOTW up on the front page. The lass in question is Holly Martin, and you can find her YouTube channel by looking for "Wind Hippie Sailing".  Cool lass. Her video's smack of the real.

    here's her Website:  https://windhippie.com/

    and here's the page about her boat: https://windhippie.com/about-my-boat/

    It's a Grinde 27, which I have never heard of until today.  There's a sailboatdata page for it. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/grinde

    Here are a few pics of boats.


    Holly with her "Gecko"




    The red boat in the top pic is a "Marsvin" (Porpoise). Same designer, but only 22 ft. There were also a "Spaekhugger" (Killer whale) 25 ft model, as well as a "Kaskelot" (Sperm whale) 32 footer. "Grinde", the model i question means Pilot whale. The designer is Peter Bruun.

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