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  1. OK. So having sorted out the shit show, got your engine started and the E rudder on. Why not just motor into the finish? Why ask for a Coast Guard tow?
  2. Wait a minute, can I get an Allen Mozzy Sails jumper? Surely I'm worthy.
  3. One thing's for sure: Guillaume Verdier thinks V2 is a better foil than V1. ETNZ fanboys will be hoping he's right. Including me.
  4. Props to Mozzy and the lads. Best AC youtube channel out there. Thank you man.
  5. He could hopefully break out some old xmas jumpers maybe? Surely this is not too much to expect from the pre-eminent nautical fashion icon of this Americas Cup cycle? Batman/big jib vs Joker/small jib? An interesting conundrum but I'd guess that ETNZ have already solved that with their relentless testing.
  6. I would guess that because the middle of TR is thin they had to make slab sides to gain the necessary longitudinal strength and stiffness. Centreline, aft TR is super thin hence all the above deck hydraulic clew malarky. I think LR has enough space for a below deck boom arrangement. Was it Dennis Conner who said that the Cup is already won, we just don't know who it is yet?
  7. I found this at the bottom of a drawer. I think it could be a contender.
  8. Where can I get one of those Mozzy Jumpers? Please advise.
  9. JFC. Prada Cup agreed protocol is first to 7 wins, or the most wins by 24 Feb. End of story. I'm quite sure that LR have a schedule of planned development and testing in the 10 days between the end of the Prada Cup and the Match. Quite rightly they will not want to compromise this.
  10. The Herrmannator is really moving! Has he found a move favourable sea state by going further inshore?
  11. Ground effect kicks in at about half wingspan. So with a 5 metre beam these boats are always in ground effect. The main benefit of ground effect is that it reduces induced drag and the closer the foil is to the surface the more pronounced this drag reduction is.
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