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  1. Hi, I read your post about the 1/4 ton boats you sailed. I am the organiser of the 1/4 ton revival in the Netherlands. For my international 1/4 Ton Facebookpage (www.facebook.com/kwarttonzeilers) I am looking for interesting info every now and then. DO you maybe have pictures of the 1/4 ton boats and events you sailed to share with the class?

    Hope hearing from you,

    Hylke Steensma = kwarttonzeilers@gmail.com
    Dutch 1/4 ton fleet

  2. Hello, I read you owned the Whiting 1/4 tonner Afternoon Delight. Do you maybe have a picture of the boat? I am very interested. Also check my 1/4 ton Facebook-page! Regards, Hylke Steensma

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    2. hylke


      Thanks for the picture of Afternoon Delight. Loose Change does ring a bell somewhere... I met a guy via Facebook who is refitting a Pet 25 1/4 tonner. Could you mail the pic to hylke_steensma@yahoo.com? Thanks!

      1/4 ton rules forever ;-)

    3. herbie verstinx

      herbie verstinx

      A friend of mine also owns a pet1/4 later model called rat race. Use to be Dave ullmans boat then called blitz. Daggerboard version of star eyed Stella which I think was tom blackallers boat which sits on a trailer at San Diego yacht club rotting away.


    4. hylke


      Thanks. I got the ics of RAT RACE of him some time ago. I even send Dave Ullmann an email but he didn't reply.... Thanks for the LOOSE CHANGE pics, nice looking boat!

  3. hylke

    Hello, I read

    course i was always fond of tequilla sunrise (another carl boat) for purely personal reasons :)

    Did you sail TEQUILA SUNRISE? Some time ago I had email contact with Jack van Heeckeren who sailed her at the 1976 1/4 ton Worlds. And also with a sailmaker, can't reach his name now....

    I heard TEQUILA SUNRISE is in bad shape in the US somewhere...

    Hope hearing from you!

    Hylke Steensma
    Dutch 1/4 ton fleet

    Tequila Sunrise now.jpg

  4. HELZAPOPPIN, the prototype of the Dingbat 25 1/4 tonner. She was in 1977 or 1978 bought by Dutch sailor Hay Winters who raced her some years before selling her to Anneke van Leeuwen who sailed her with an all-female crew before buying the Extension 1/4 tonner BALLETENT to sail the 1984 Quarter Ton Worlds in Nieuwpoort, Belgium. The Dingbat should be in the Netherlands somewhere. Hope to see her at the 2018 Dutch Quarter Ton Cup! More 1/4 ton fun on www.facebook.com/kwarttonzeilers ;-)
  5. Great thread! There is a 1/4 ton revival going on in the Netherlands indeed. We have hundreds of them over here, most of them production boats like the Ecume de Mer, Drifter 25, Eygthene 24, GK24 and of course Waarschip 1/4 ton. Last year we organized the Dutch Quarter Ton Cup during the Lenco regatta at Lake IJsselmeer. This year it was a small competition of four events. For our Facebook page www.facebook.com/kwarttonzeilers (can't change the name since we have to many likes ;-) I am looking for info and pics every now and then. Already found a lot! The website www.histoiredeshalfs.c
  6. I spotted HISPANIA close to the desert (UAE), looking very sad....
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