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  1. Why have a time limit but shorten the race to get inside that limit? Doesn’t the time limit effectively take away the “lottery aspect” in light winds?
  2. If ETNZ go displacement then the time limit will expire regardless if LRPP keeps up
  3. Dan Slater reporting from the course on radio 2 minutes ago - 4 knots
  4. I knew that - you have shown many times that you are a gentleman (or woman)
  5. English wasn't my best subject & apart from knowing a few Italian words [Prego, Alora] I'm no good with that language either though I have enjoyed touring your country when younger
  6. Our well researched NZHERALD had a photo in its Sunday edition today of Blair Tuke ETNZ’s helmsman!
  7. If the strength is in the port entry then the pressure will be on ETNZ today as LRPP have port for the first race
  8. If only all contributors to this forum acted with the same good grace that @strider470 does it would make for a fair more enjoyable read.
  9. A problem seems to me to be that the COR is a competitor and can make decisions that suit themselves and not all challengers. My solution would be that before the regatta commenced the COR must appoint another yacht club unconnected with any challenger to act as Challengers’ Representative who has the powers that currently sit with the COR.
  10. My bad - too late @ night but the point I make is that every time there has been a case in the community there has not been a lockdown e.g. the recent North Auckland scenario.
  11. Bullshit - so Auckland went into lockdown from the Americold cluster, did we? What fucking part of this do you not understand, you twat?
  12. What would LR’s position be if on Saturday morning one of their team tested positive for COVID and the whole team had to isolate for 5 days? Happily watch Ineos go through 9 ghost races? I think not - they would be demanding the protocol be changed.
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