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  1. Semi-related, I think... Has anyone tried a really long masthead crane? We seem so in to big roaches these days, would it work to have a crane that extends about as far back as a spreader sticks out? Maybe double that?
  2. Watching the Lasers yesterday I noticed the large number of bits and pieces of hardware that now seem to be stuck on. Particularly, there appears to be an iPhone attached to the bow of all of them.... Later I saw some footage that appeared to have been shot from the iPhone. Does anybody know any more about this? Like, do they stream footage from all the boats or get it off the phone later? Are they using them for position reporting on the broadcast stream? Is this a piece of off the shelf software? AND, if there was a convenient bracket for an iPhone, would you mount your phone
  3. Progress on this: various power supplies have been tortured and "version 2" wrist hardware is being ordered, assembled, and generally speaking made to "go". Besides, I have a pretty picture so I have to put it somewhere....
  4. Cool. I'll get one and give it a go (any excuse)
  5. Yes, and there's a lot to be said for bypassing the whole of "making hardware". Your choices are: Apple, who would be way the preferential option purely in terms of developer support. But they're $400 before you've even started, really fiddly without gloves so probably horrendous with, and of dubious daytime visibility. Samsung or whatever Google based watch thing. Really flaky development environment and still not at all cheap. And Garmin watches look really nice, actually have an SDK, but cost a bazillion dollars (https://buy.garmin.com/en-NZ/NZ/p/699976). And are still f
  6. It's an implementation of Python designed for microcontrollers. Theory is that I could use a standard module (say https://circuitpython.org/board/seeeduino_xiao/) for the "logic" part with a link onto the custom hardware for the power/cpu sensitive bits. And boring stuff like power. The hard part is that this then opens you up to needing a case that can be opened, greater power consumption, actually writing some docs for it, more support etc. etc. So it's "nerdy" interesting but the voice of common sense doesn't want me to make things any more complicated than they already are.
  7. I certainly thought about going the "app plus wrist mounting" route - would certainly be a lot quicker, but there are some significant disadvantages... Cellphones have pretty bad daytime visibility. Mine does, anyway. It's a bit on the clunky side. If I smashed it on a fitting I might cry. Here, have a "WIP". It's almost exactly the same size as a business card.
  8. Thanks! Software is a subject close to my heart I'm set on making the wrist/arm/whatever mounted thing be a fixed function "thin client", but have the server (anything with sensors in it) be at least moderately open. Probably Python (CircuitPython). Thoughts?
  9. Yes! But without the shoulder mounted cannon. BTW, Solar proves to be a pain in the arse. Going for "100 hrs between charges" instead (https://www.pet1.net/post/i-aint-got-the-power).
  10. Was gonna say: Navionics is fine, the problem is the tablet. Tablet screens are rarely particularly good in sunlight. But since you're using the Raymarine thing, I doubt it's a problem.
  11. FYI, this is now a thing that's actually happening....
  12. Hey y'all. So quite some time back I started a thread (https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/216544-instrumentation-market-in-general-am-i-completely-mad/) discussing what is wanted (or not) in instrumentation and whether or not I was mad to chase it. tl;dr: Yes, I am mad. But some interesting stuff came out like interest in wrist/arm mounted instruments and I wanted to make some just in case they are awesome. There's been a lot of prototyping and messing with electronics, but I'm honing in on a solution. Long story short: Wrist mounted display Bluetoo
  13. If you look on the topside, between the band aids and the foil, you can see another ... ummm ... discontinuity. Won't make sod all difference once it's in the air, of course.
  14. Missing the outermost elevator on the port side?
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