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  1. Restocking charge for an item not yet shipped?
  2. I'd go with the OEM before the generic. So is it pretty well certain that the Hitachi LR18003 is the correct original unit?
  3. For the time being I want a stock 80A replacement unit, same belt setup, same regulation, same everything basically, to carry as a spare. Something that can replace the one on the engine now, with minimal fuss, if it fails at sea.
  4. Is this photo of a Yanmar 4JH2-DTE enough to positively identify the alternator? Need to source a spare unit but am not at the vessel. I believe it is an 80A and it should be a fairly common Hitachi LR18003A unit? In fact it seems so common that there are many choices available. Is there a recommended brand? I work in the automotive world and often genuine parts are better but not always. What would be a recommended part to use for this as a quality stock replacement?
  5. Standard Horizon have an excellent repair program, and that is not so 'old' of a unit. Definitely worth sending to them for evaluation.
  6. On my boat the bobstay is made in two pieces, both with an eye in the middle and about 80mm between the ends of the eyes. A dyneema lashing between the eyes allows tightening of the bobstay in the event of creep.
  7. Agreed but totally not in the brief due to the price. They are +$5K to +$15K more.
  8. I bought a pair of these in the 'normal' version. Nicely made items. I think the Race version has more aluminum and/or plastic?
  9. "Design in Progress" surely. Thing that struck me was the mainsheet. On a winch (weird?) and what happens when you drop the traveler or sheet out the main? (mainsheet will foul the edge of the cockpit badly) That needs a rethink. Parts of the design look quite good.
  10. What is the shape difference between an A2 and a G2? I think the A2 (or in my case A1.5) would be a lot fuller? Yes, octopus is a good way to put it!
  11. I have a Selden CX15 on an Olson 30. With a 35' boat the CX15 is probably marginally too lightweight, should go up to the larger model. It's well sized for the 30. It's used for a Code 0 and an A1.5. The asym has the top down adapter on the cable. The asym is not super easy to furl. I can't imagine furling it singlehanded, doublehanded might be OK. With a good autopilot it would be easier. It takes a lot of pulling to get the asym to start furling. The Code 0 can easily be furled doublehanded and probably OK singlehanded as well since it's used it relatively light breeze and it just generally
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