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  1. What is the shape difference between an A2 and a G2? I think the A2 (or in my case A1.5) would be a lot fuller? Yes, octopus is a good way to put it!
  2. I have a Selden CX15 on an Olson 30. With a 35' boat the CX15 is probably marginally too lightweight, should go up to the larger model. It's well sized for the 30. It's used for a Code 0 and an A1.5. The asym has the top down adapter on the cable. The asym is not super easy to furl. I can't imagine furling it singlehanded, doublehanded might be OK. With a good autopilot it would be easier. It takes a lot of pulling to get the asym to start furling. The Code 0 can easily be furled doublehanded and probably OK singlehanded as well since it's used it relatively light breeze and it just generally
  3. The local Endura dealer (Composites Canada) suggested not to roll and tip it. Never tried it but I am going to paint parts of the interior of my boat and asked him recently. He suggested foam rollers only but also said it makes the roller mushy after a while so maybe low nap cloth roller is better. For spraying small areas you can use one of the refillable aerosol kits, like Preval or similar. I've painted with Endura using one of those. Cleanup is a lot of work.
  4. Endura might be suitable. It's an industrial paint made in Alberta. A boatbuilder I know said "use it instead of Awlgrip because it's made in Canada and it's good for boats" Available from Composites Canada in pretty much any colour.
  5. Perhaps Euro boat specifications are Imperial gallons? US gallons are smaller than Imperial gallons. US gallon = .83 Imperial gallon so the tanks could possibly be the same.
  6. I have the LunaSea light and it illuminates the windex very well. In my case no need for the windex light, which we did have before but deleted after seeing how well the masthead trilight worked. This probably has a lot to do with the physical location of the trilight with respect to the windex. The trilight is very bright.
  7. Highly recommend ShipModul products for multiplexing NMEA data, and they have WiFi models. They are super well built and programmed, great product support.
  8. Does your local PHRF body permit a bowsprit of minimal projection? PHRF Lake Ontario permits an no-penalty sprit with length of J+15% which is gets the luff of a sail tacked ahead of the forestay to just clear of the pulpit. On my 30' boot the sprit projects about 21" and does not trigger a penalty. The Code 0 works fine on this length of sprit.
  9. FYI: I had a bad experience with the white tape used for shrink wrapping. It was applied to the cabin top of my boat to cover some removed windows and other holes - and left on there for about 1 1/2 months, outdoors. It was effective at covering the holes but when the tape was removed the adhesive separated and stayed behind leaving a terrible mess on the gelcoat. The adhesive was remove-able with a lot of work, extremely aggressive. The only thing that took it off was Bestine - rubber cement thinner.
  10. I agree. There was a boat called ICHIBAN in SoCal that was beautifully sorted, but mostly stock. THE SOURCE was refit in an outstanding way, however modified so heavily it might not be an ideal example. Doing the feature on Pacific High might be good too, even though she's technically not an Olson 30 she is the prototype boat. I believe she is in Santa Cruz.
  11. Why would someone use track mode with this tiller pilot? I can answer that: 1 – deliveries with your motor 2 – sails up and you have no wind data available I have an ST2000+ on my boat and have it connected to NMEA0183 data from iNavX, via a multiplexer. I found a few things with this when making it work. The keystrokes needed to invoke Track Mode can be a bit counter intuitive. If you get the rapid beeping alarm after pressing -10/+10 make sure to press them together again to turn on Track Mode. The alarm is telling you the data is being received. Also the numbers on the bulkhe
  12. MIddayGun - good call on beam to skin connection - looks like plug welds at forward and aft edges of the vertical beams. It's a strong structure as designed and built. Now? Cutting a $$$ custom keel in half before you've figured out how to safely put it back together, if that's even possible, was ill advised. It's done now but can it be salvaged? You still have the righting moment to figure out, let alone how you will make the structure sound. 4,500 or so pounds is a lot of weight to manage on the end of the fin. I am torn between trying to conjecture how it could be done safely and just
  13. Is there a trick to connecting to the unit to download data? I use Mac computers if that matters (it shouldn't?). I have tried a few computers so far and when I plug the unit into the computer all the happens is the unit shows "USB" on the screen and charging icon, but I cannot locate the unit itself. I tired using Disc Utility as well to see if I could "see" the unit as a drive, no luck.
  14. That engine sounds fantastic! I'd be so happy if I were you.
  15. If I were doing this project I'd opt for the more modern "Foss" design rudder (with the spelling-challenged title on the drawing!). Make note of how this diagram has a significant error - later corrected in the production of the rudder itself. I think they've made ~ 5 of these for the Olson 30 in the last several years. Rudders with stainless shafts have an internal armature welded to the shaft. I'd like to know - out of curiosity - what sort of internal structure is in the original rudder with the pultruded fibreglass shaft. I manage olson30.org and I have some other images of
  16. The 0 332 019 150 seems to be rated 30/40a. There is another part 0 332 019 157 with 4-pins (has only 1x 87 terminal) that is 40a.
  17. Bosch 0 332 019 150 is an exact replacement. For example: https://germansupply.com/all-purpose-relay-12v-30a-genuine-bosch.html It's a widely available item.
  18. Compressed air in the injector hole on one of the cylinders that's at or close to TDC. Lubricant in the cylinder bores. The compressed air may help get it down the cylinder around and past the rings. Be careful with a breaker bar that you don't shear whatever fastener you are putting the socket on. If it's the pulley on the crank it will be pretty large so probably will take a lot of torque but still, a broken fastener in the end of the crank will be a bummer.
  19. Don't listen to Basketcase, he doesn't know squat about carbon.
  20. Mis, I don't know about GPS precision iPad versus Garmin hand-held. The main reason for using the Garmin as the master GPS is to increase the battery life of the iPad, and this does increase it very significantly. I think with the iPad Location Services running our iPad (which is old and probably has a tired battery) we got something like 1-1.5 hour battery life. With the iPad getting the GPS data on WiFi from the Garmin it's at least 3x as long. In our boat we have the iPad in a case and it floats back and forth - between a bracket down below where it sits and has a charge cable - a
  21. Yes that's absolutely true, there are tons of serial to wifi widgets out there for a lot less than a marine multiplexer. One thing I will say about ShipModul is the product is super well made, the software is excellent and product support top notch. I think there are some galvanic isolation things (whatever that is) that a proper marine product will have. If you send any tech questions to them the owner of the company, Meindert, who designs the products, will respond and he is incredibly helpful. He knows iNavX really well also.
  22. Yes exactly. An AIS enabled VHF, fed to iNavX, is simple, reliable and inexpensive. My hardware consists of an iPad with iNavX, a Garmin GPSMap 78s handheld which is hardwired and sits in a cradle on the little 'nav table', Standard Horizon Matrix gx2200, ShipModul 2wi multiplexer. With this setup we have chart plotter, redundant GPS receiver/chart plotter (both the Garmin and iPad can be a standalone plotter, Garmin is the normally master GPS and the iPad receives GPS from the Garmin, but iPad can receive GPS if the Garmin goes down), AIS receiver. And this is all put together for chump
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