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  1. Nice fidgeting Zonker. It does solve the problem that we've all seen, by moving the sink closer to centerline. The slight downside is the pilot berth is getting further 'tucked away' in the technical area. I rather like Leo's solution for the focs'l and head area, very adaptable.
  2. 'The planet is fine... the people are fucked !' -George Carlin Hi bstrdsonofbtl, Nice documented research, thanks. There seems to be no simple solution to this complex problem. Regarding a simple solution, reducing and maintaining the human population to under 100 million persons might work. But the current nationalistic-capitalism or capitalistic-nationalism (it's the same thing) won't let this happen. Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out
  3. Rachel Maddow spells out the timeline and motivations pretty clearly here.
  4. Multihulls can't sail to weather ! This race is becoming a beatdown of Chuck Norris proportions. Only four boats had to beat to the Fastnet rock; 3 Ultims: Edmond de Rothschild, Sodebo, Actual and the Mod70 Argo. All the other boats are STILL on a fetch. Rambler88 figured it out first to head north of the TSS. This morning at 08:30 UTC, I pondered the question if Edmond de Rothschild, currently sitting on 35 knots, could finish before sunset. It's gonna be close, but all of you owe me a beer. ps hell of a race for Apivia !
  5. From the YB tracker, it seems Edmond de Rothschild got around the Fastnet rock at 08:03. That's just short of 21 hours. She seems to be picking up speed going past the TSS. Wonder if she'll make it home to Cherbourg before sunset?
  6. You're overthinking. Go to your local sailmaker and buy 8 of these, they cost about 2 USD each. You probably need an A107 or A108 http://www.bainbridgeint.com/Variants.aspx?Item=PRD-900072 Then you will need to drill holes in the sail slide for a self-tapping screw which will bite just enough in the aluminum boom to stop it from sliding.
  7. Hi Markjsmith, For laughs and giggles, you've already got all the hardware you need installed on the boom. I count 3 reef slides and a mainsheet bale. Move those around until you get 'the look'. The reefs for the mainsail can/should be attached with a bowline around the boom. If the selden reef slides aren't too expensive, then four in the bottom or eight in the side grooves. Often sailmakers have old flat sailslides for almost nothing, but you do need to fix them from slipping forward.
  8. Hi Markjsmith, The sailrite lazy jack system with 4 legs has a defect in design that can be noted also in your drawing on the right hand figure. The only way to get that nice straight back edge is to have infinite tension on the stern falls and zero tension on the vertical falls. Otherwise it's going to be scalloped worse than the 'inverted Y' design. Remember that near the mast the sail slides are doing most the of the flaking. So for the left hand figure, the blue Y can be shortened and the brown Y lengthened. Regarding the line material, dyneema, polyester, nylon, b
  9. From NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day , July 22, 2021 Little Sombrero Galaxy with Supernova https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap210722.html (image won't load)
  10. Is this true? Can you document it? Genoa, Italia is a long way from Sequim, WA, USA.
  11. What you are talking about is called a lazy bag in use with lazy jacks. Jud - s/v Sputnik has a good thread in cruising anarchy about these. Otherwise search for 'stack pack' in the header. https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/221643-stack-pack-and-lazy-jacks-for-main-anyone-have-tips-for-making/ To reduce the windage it's relatively easy to install or retrofit a lazy bag with 3-4 clic-clacs (those plastic clips you see everywhere on a backpack) on each side. The trick is to sew the female clic-clac on a short webbing loop to the polyester tape holding the bol
  12. Favorite/Best Female Rock Singing Voices ? Linda Ronstadt - because she can sing anything Pink - because of an incredible career championing social justice
  13. Shortly there might be not enough Americans to work for Amazon. That's what you get with 150% yearly turnover and employing 5% of the entire nations workforce. NYT Report Exposes Amazon's Low Regard For Workers: 'Inherently Lazy'
  14. Hi Jud, Took a look at the pic you posted, and it seems you might have all the through-deck hardware already installed. Lot of good suggestions from the WLYDO too. I would do the following: - Stretch the staysail out on a flat surface and make a mark (in pencil) 70% up the luff. Don't eyeball it, measure it. - Draw a heavy pencil line on the clew patch, about 30 cm long, from the center of the clew ring towards the mark on the luff. . . . . . This is the vertical sheeting angle for going to weather. The vertical angle for reaching is even higher. - Hoist the stay
  15. "The bowler approached the wicket at a lope, a trot, and then a run. ... 'I had a Golgafrinchan jogging towel,' continued Arthur, 'it was blue with yellow stars on it."
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