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  1. The lawsuit has likely driven sales of the new boats, even if not converts as critical mass is easier to get if there is no coordinated competitor. Standard by the book business strategies are available. Being involved in a lawsuit with the designer is not one of them.
  2. Respect and money go together. I am not sure he likes the sail prices, as they are very different than the early marketing of the boat. It really did bring sailing to a lot of people.
  3. What has happened to the lasers that used to sail? Have they become yard art lasers?
  4. I think Gouv is kidding. You sail what you have.
  5. Not really no, because when you get to the top of the game you have to use supplied boats. That's the ultimate guarantee because if you train with some weirdo boat that is at all the extremes you're stuffed when it counts most. I only trust round robin.
  6. has failed to achieve the desired outcome?If you look at all the words reinforcing the myth that are included in the quote you provided, it starts to get kind of obvious that is was never true in the first place (once a level of sailing proficiency is achieved): "Preserve... principle... assured... mandatory adherence to the [ ] by all builders as defined in the fundamental rule." It feels like we should all be around a campfire talking about a snipe hunt. It just feels that way. The more I look at it the more I see that the Laser is indeed a truly brilliant design.
  7. The sameness of the boats is an illusion and always has been, once a degree of sailing proficiency is achieved. The trim point of the sail is determined by the rake of the mast and the age of the sail, because there is a two block hard stop in most conditions. Add the cheapness of the cloth, the speed with which it ages, and difficulty in actually getting consistent rake with a ~10 to 1 exaggeration at the tip of the mast. Laser sailing [racing] is a rich man's sport above a certain level. If one wants the reality to match the marketing one believed at the demo: 1) get rid of the har
  8. There is a reason the radial exists for racing and I think it has to do with the block to block sheeting style of all the laser rigs making it hard to throw away sail when you need to.
  9. It does not depower well if you sail light, among others.
  10. Nice review. I always discover the sheet is in my hand.
  11. I don't see how any MBA can sell stockholders on obsoleting the largest contribution dollar item in the product portfolio, especially if it is a once a year consumable. With Olympic status there is no viable substitute. I think they are happy with how things are.
  12. There is, it's called "crewing". Or maybe frost biting, if a sail last more than a season.
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