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  1. Childproof packaging. Try using a proper paint can opener instead of a flat screwdriver. I've put about 9 quarts of Perfection Plus on my boat and never had a problem pouring the catalyst from that little spout.
  2. I was wondered the same thing. Maybe that's why she doesn't mind painting so much? Still curious about the label on that paint can. No where in the video do they reveal the brand. Maybe in a past video? I personally can't see them dropping the coin for a gallon of legitimate anti-fouling. That would far exceed the overall value of the boat. Don't forget to Bondo all those holes you drilled below the waterline in order to drain those custom sugar scoops...
  3. I'm really curious where the hell they got that blue bottom paint? Home Depot latex? Leftover from the houseboat refit, I suppose....
  4. I personally appreciated the hull-to-deck joint repair. Half-ass is better than no-ass, right? Creepy giggles and whispers aside, I'm following this one all the way to its tragic ending... ...which should shortly follow.
  5. We've used Barkeepers Friend soft scrub cream with success. Also, teak cleaner with oxalic acid works incredibly fast, but it tends to run all over the place due to the viscosity.
  6. #7 - Tayana 37 Thanks again for the great boat Bob!!
  7. Oil funnel and a PAPER coffee filter? You're living in the Stone Age man. These have the filter built in, and they're available in multiple sizes. I've found that the non-food-grade plastic combined with hot water gives the coffee a wonderful flavor profile....
  8. +1 more for Battle Born drop—ins. 500 Ah for two solid years and getting ready to add 3 additional 100 Ah units to the system. Can’t do that with lead... I still think reliable electric propulsion for any significant duration of time is a thing of the future, but thanks to those of you vetting out the systems. I’ll stick with my Perk 108 for the time being. I do however believe that lead-acid as boat power storage medium is well on its way toward the Endangered Species List Pretty sure the OP was asking about direct replacement for FLA and not where to source used medical
  9. Wow, two inches wide by half inch thick eh? That's quite the score.
  10. Been away for a few weeks. Looks like I didn't miss much. Still pretty fucking cold where I'm at; we could use a little Climate Change as far as I'm concerned. I live on a sailboat. I give less than two shits if the sea level rises a couple feet over the the next decade, or eighteen months, or six weeks, or what the fuck ever it is that the latest so called climate genius has predicted. Learn to swim bitches.
  11. Depends on how you like your boat to look while you own it, and if you ever plan on selling it. Do you want it to look like some Home Depot low budget Melamine and white Latex paint DIY kitchen remodel from a Saturday episode on HGTV, or do you want it to look like the rest of the boat did 40 years ago? I've seen a lot of these "on the cheap YouTube kids" that absolutely ruin the resale values of an already piece of shit boat. Just digging a deeper hole with every brush stroke. By the way, teak turns reddish brown with varnish, and I spent many a painstaking hour mixing and matching gloss
  12. Can't we all just sit back, watch, and enjoy the fact that we've done everything we can to keep OUR boats seaworthy? That's what makes this rookie shit show so much fun. Too bad there was no internet search function available when these two fuck-tards made this life-altering decision, right?
  13. This picture speaks volumes on her Mission for Climate Change.... Cold weather sailing sucks.
  14. In that case, I present you “Douche-knob” Bimini: Anyone know the name of that guy’s canvas maker? I need a new dodger
  15. I felt that Man Bun throwing in the $1.95 wax toilet ring was a nice gesture. With a vessel like that who needs a $5000 life raft anyway?
  16. I just watched their "Gut the houseboat" episode and the guy actually says that he filled up his MOM'S garbage can, and all his neighbor's cans. Maybe she IS his sister....
  17. X2 I love a good train wreck. Anyone remember these two?
  18. Every man's dream to be on a boat for 20 days with a bunch of screaming children.... "Hey, are those soles non-marking? Y'know we don't OWN this thing, RIGHT?!?!?!"
  19. So after a month and a few days from Costa Rica to Hawaii, these guys went "Full Rimas" and got towed into Honolulu. Blown heat exchanger and no wind. I'm actually willing to bet they could've sailed her in if there was a breeze. Hey man, at least they had the foresight to purchase Boat U.S. and not rely on the taxpayer funded USCG....
  20. Hey, don't knock the dock work. We pulled our 42 year old teak decks and re-cored 80% of the fore and side decks in a marina slip. Then, relaid the glass skins with epoxy, filled and faired, sanded the shit out of it, filled and faired some more, sanded some more, and then sprayed new 2-part polyurethane with rolled on non-skid. We had permission to do so from the Marina Manager, but more importantly, we had the blessing of our downwind neighbor in the next slip. We hung tarps as lee cloth and vacuum-sanded everything with HEPA filters. We only then sprayed the paint on a zero-wind day, a
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