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  1. That would be why I saw them motoring out of Sydney earlier today..
  2. Yep agree, but I think it’s all about the weather windows. First rule, finish. Second rule win your division. That buys you a ticket to the raffle. If the bigger boats (52 plus) stop on the racetrack for for more than 2 to 8 hours. The little guys get a go.
  3. And some some penicillin for the house of pain..... (Covid safe of course)
  4. Indeed, especially around the lee of bum island...
  5. It’s all about timing your run, just hope they haven’t ”peaked” too early.
  6. Indeed, a good metaphor for old fat blokes around the world. A little bit of love and we all come back to life at some point. A blue pill and off you go!!
  7. Info must be a heap lighter than previous years.. They were smoking off the line. Also Gwelio and others have caught up to Ichi in the main race. (HCP) Going to be an interesting race to Hobart...at both ends. I hope the weather suits the little guy for a change.
  8. Yep, maybe a W/L for the big blokes (finish in Coffs)and a oneway trip for the smaller guys?
  9. How about Lord Howe? Still In NSW..
  10. Geez I wish I put my money where my mouth was... congrats to Ichi, well played.
  11. Agreed, perfect move by SW(I can’t believe I just typed that..) but let’s be honest, if WO have their sail selections and set up right from the start, they should have been well in front anyway. .. Let’s focus on the gold that is forming in the way of a TP 52 sandwich at Tasman island....
  12. I’d be waiting 30 hours or so to see where they all finish, then see what happens with that one.
  13. Long way to go... but i’m hearing you.
  14. 52’s for handicap based on that if they get the transition right. $$ on Ichi me thinks.
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