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  1. Ahhhh there it is. The sound of someone screaming 'my viewpoint is valid even when it is demonstrably wrong'
  2. OH look! JT has suddenly remembered what conservative means now that a Democrat is in charge! Or maybe I should say, the propaganda machine he parrots has decided its time to roll it out. Just like Moscow mitch rolled out the old debt ceiling bullshit. JT, do you have even a single original thought that wasn't inserted by the media?
  3. Haven't you noticed how he also insults anyone who reads, or has an education? He's the epitome of a moron. Fuk Fuk Fukkity Fuk.
  4. Just. Wow. You're an idiot. I particularly like your incredibly biased article from the law enforcement now website. Hint: funding has gone UP for the police in L.A. But it looks better if thumb sucking idiots like you can scream 'defunded'
  5. FYI, NSA, he has expressed this clearly many times in the past and isn't kidding in any way. Watch him. Closely.
  6. The only mebmntally unstable one here is the one who just told a policeman whoses coworker was killed to stop clutching his pearls. I suppose you'd tell a rape victim to stop whining too, right? Suck it up buttercup! You're detestable. Go get drunk. Then you have an excuse for acting like an idiot. Or, in your language, Fuking Fukin Fuk'ng Fukety Fuk Fuk Fuk.
  7. Yeah, been contemplating it. Had a deal set to go, but then the Canadian border was closed and we couldn't transport north, for almost 2 years. That kinda made it go cold, for obvious reasons. Wife already bought a replacement (boat). So....
  8. Except you keep trying to apply the actions of extremists to tar and feather and entire concept. Intellectually dishonest asshole.
  9. Bah. This entire thread is a perfect example of a couple of fucking assholes, who take the fringe of a movement and try to apply it to the whole movement. Are there idiots trying to defund the police? Yep. Do they represent all of black lives matter? Nope. Are there KKK members in the NRA? Yep. Do they represent all of the NRA? Nope. Are there idiots using CRT as their newest rallying cry for extremism? Yep. Does that mean that extremism represents what CRT actually is about? Nope. Sea Warrior, Mariachi, and the other ignorant assholes who continue to t
  10. If he were a poodle it'd be legal to put a bark collar on him. "bark bark zap -aieeeeeeee"
  11. Don't be an obtuse idiot then. Say what you are commenting on, and don't make a reference to some random bullshit you spouted months ago and assume other people are going to go look it up so they know what the fuck you're talking about. God you're tedious.
  12. 6 years ago, I would have said that people understood enough about the environment to understand conservation, clean water, and clean air. And yet we watched the shitstain and his supporters systemically dismantle protections, open pristine areas to exploitation and logging, and generally fuck the environment. At the same time, we saw them allow anti-competitive policies (removal of net neutrality). These people just have no concept of how things work. I have ZERO confidence that people like Tom, Saorsa, Venom even pay attention. They are stuck in their own little worlds, like "too ma
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