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  1. Right. Every juror was intimidated into voting guilty. They were scared of riots. Unanimously. You have mental problems. Please seek help.
  2. Why are you still giving this asshole money?
  3. And here is my point, that I don't really think needs to be said. If the case is there and legally provable it will be tried in court. The fact that it hasn't, means it really wasn't, isn't, and probably won't be. Speculation like that by the daily KOS is yellow journalism at best. It's the definition of 'fake news' because of they way they presented it.
  4. Oh wow. We've got a MAJOR candidate for middle management here. Seriously. So it isn't whether the cop sees a gun. Because if it's nerf gun, he was never at risk. Even though he thought he was. You want to put them in an impossible position. Upper management at my plant demanded that security not hand out masks because of their cost. Everyone was provided numerous masks by their area managers. Yet many would forget them at home, or forget to request additional. As a result, people who came to work were not allowed in or left and came back late. Production lines suffer
  5. I think the biggest flag here is that she brought a photographer and turned it into a photo op, and people are slurping it up. Who cares? What an ego that must take. "People will want to see me getting poked with a needle. I'm so important!"
  6. If the people of the US are going to start working together, we need to move beyond this crap. The DailyKOS? Really? They are drawing conclusions that they can't prove.
  7. Sorry sol. I've watched every angle. We're raking a cop over the coals based on what we see of 100 repetitions of a video with slow motion sitting in a chair. The speed of what happened, the kid struggling in his pocket with his right hand, that cop had reason to be scared. I can't fault the cop on this one.
  8. To be realistic, the requirement for a prescription should be removed for any medication that doesn't risk the creation of a dependency. I should not need a prescription to be renewed to get my cholesterol medication. I can go out and drink myself to death legally if I'm over 21, but the government is afraid I might take too much Atorvastatin. It props up a huge bullshit industry of doctor->prescription->insurance->pharmacist->end user. Idiotic.
  9. I know why you highlighted "without". Really though, in this day and age would it have mattered? We have instances of the bad guys painting up real guns to look like nerf guns. Removing the orange tips is par for the course for folks too. Just grab a pair of pliers or a hacksaw. Hell, an industrious 7 year old could do it. There's a solution to this. But a whole lot of people simply aren't open to it.
  10. Hey!!!!!! Leave Elon alone! Hopefully he's going to be giving me internet here in a month or two since I've paid the down payment and am waiting on the equipment.
  11. Jesus you are an idiot. Why do I bother taking people off ignore. Nice job at avoiding my questions. Not only are there few people here who have been stupid enough to get banned, you're one of the few that is pretty universally despised. You would think that someone with all your fake experience would know how to communicate without alienating everyone they came in contact with.
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