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  1. 1. Georgia 2. Cinci 3. Michigan 4. Note Dame If there is *any* justice in the rankings.
  2. You don't understand. Pointing out how his memes are inaccurate and not funny (especially when he uses them as a political tool like this) is now called being "butt hurt".
  3. Just wait til we hit covid - chi. You better believe that one isn't happening either. Subordinating the WHO has benefits.
  4. You continue to ignore the effects your "choice" has on others. I don't want to pay for your stupidity when your "choice" to refuse to vax against a potentially serious disease helps fill emergency rooms, denying others needed treatment. They've called in military physicians in michigan because the hospitals are overrun, and the last statistic I saw said 70% of those sick are unvaccinated. 25% of the populating in unvaxxed, yet they are 70% of who is in the hospital. You are shoving your fingers in your ears and screaming "fuck your safety it is my choice" while the evidence of what you
  5. That's called a strawman. See, you're making up an argument to argue against. OF COURSE THE COMPANIES THAT MADE THE VACCINES DID SO FOR A PROFIT. Christ almighty. Do you think the people who made ivermectin did it for fucking fun? And since the people who make ivermectin are a big evil multinational Pharma company, why haven't they gone ahead and marketed it for covid? Could it be because there is no scientific proof at all that it has my positive effect? Get rid of your tin foil hat and stop make Americans look stupid. It's goddamn embarrassing.
  6. Bah. Alabama with a prayer to the endzone.
  7. That was the best game that UofM played in 20 years. They got some help from the refs which was disappointing, but Danm did they show up to play. I just hope that wasn't all they have..... They had some obvious problems. I've never seen a team struggle that much to get their D aligned before the hike.
  8. Yeah, that double tap amounted to "that guy is bigger than me and just threw me off my porch like I was his bitch. WTF do I do now? Oh right. Pow pow."
  9. Sure hope not. The guy wanted his kids. He wasn't threatening to kill people. Just like rittenhouse, it was the idiot that brought the gun that escalated it.
  10. Asshole bikers? She hit the guy with her car, then drove away. He chased her to her house. She went inside THEN CAME BACK OUT and pulled a gun. If she was so scared, why she come back outside to point a gun at him? Why didn't she call 911 on the way home? Nope. Sorry. This lady was an idiot. She did EVERYTHING wrong,stating when she ran from the scene of an accident right up to when she came back out with the gun.
  11. There isn't a chance in hell they could get something like that by the current senate and mitch the bitch. Why would they bother trying until they have a majority?
  12. Nah. I'm afraid I've moved on to other things. Just finished refinishing my 7.9 and sold it. Got my Catalina 30 for crusing and occasional swimming trips, and that keeps us happy. I agree about how versatile the boat is. Ticks just about every box for me. If the democrats make no attempt to fix campaign finance, then screw them too. Although you'll have to wait until they have a filibuster proof majority before calling them hippocrites, because the repugs will never pass it.
  13. Oh look. It's war turd. Drunk yet today? Have you considered the guy alone in the car has his mask on because maybe he's a caregiver who transports seniors with compromised immune systems? If course you didn't. Idiot.
  14. Because bacon is delicious and it's really really hard to get 700 lbs dogs?
  15. So.. You found an article over a year old, that talks about how the democrats want to get rid of pacs, super pacs, dark money, and overturn citizens united. And IN that article, the democrats come right out and say that until they can make the stuff illegal, they're gonna play the game too. And this is what you choose to get outraged over. Um.... congratulations on your earth shattering information I guess?
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